Update: Spotify Import (bèta)


We released an improved version of Spotify Import, a tool to copy your Spotify playlists to Tunify. Thanks to this tool, you can now play all your Spotify playlists in your business, with Tunify.

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Update: Metal-o-drome


It’s spring clean in hell!

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Update: Stylish & Artistic


A tranquil and stylish environment for your customers...

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Update: Young & Alternative


Ah…. spring, a new sound, a new beginning.

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Tunify Control


You can now control your Tunify player from literally anywhere with this app!

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UPDATE: Hit Factory


In 2018 we will continue to improve Tunify. Today we have already adapted the Hit Factory in Tunify Blue.

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Spotify Import (bèta)


Today, we’ve released Spotify Import, a tool to copy your Spotify playlists to Tunify. Thanks to this tool, you can now play all your Spotify playlists in your business, with Tunify.

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They're here again: the Christmas music agendas in Tunify Green


Yes, you’re right: it’s thats time of the year again to get cosy around the Christmas tree!

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UPDATE: Barista Bar


At Tunify, we're always looking for ways to improve our music channels and music agenda’s. The last couple of weeks, we’ve been looking into the Barista Bar music channels.

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Tunify welcomes Philip Vanhoutte as Chairman of the Advisory Board


With tons of experience thanks to his rewarding international career in the ICT industry and incredible amounts of passion and energy, Philip Vanhoutte will support us in our business development.

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Tunify talks at The Battle for the Senses


Now is your chance to see and hear how Tunify founder and CEO Benito Stans explains the importance of the sense of "Hearing".

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UPDATE: Club Tropical


Now that summer is all over the country, it's time to introduce the renewed Club Tropical to you. You now get a clear overview of all the catchy music and tropical rhythms.

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UPDATE: Club Lounge


Tunify is constantly renewing, and of course the music channels are regularly reviewed and updated. Today we show you the updated Club Lounge in Tunify Blue!

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The 3 key elements for playing the right music


Of course you already know that not every kind of music fits your business. But what kind of music is actually the best choice for your business?

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A big welcome to Epidemic Sound!


We are very excited to announce a new collaboration today. Tunify will offer a new product based on royalty free music together with Epidemic Sound!

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3 x 10 years work anniversary!


Three developers of our Research & Development team celebrate their 10th work anniversary at Tunify this month. And because they are such a good bunch, we just couldn’t let this pass. It’s about time we get them out from behind their computers and put them in the spotlight!

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NEW: Barista Bar & Quality Food


Today, we are exited to launch two completely new music categories in Tunify Blue! They carry the names 'Barista Bar' and 'Quality Food'. Read on to learn what to expect music-wise...

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A fresh new look for Tunify Headphone!


Tunify Headphone has a new look!

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Tunify Headphone for iOS


Do you want a quick preview of a song, without interrupting the playback of your current playlist? The Tunify Headphone app now makes this possible. And it’s now also available for iOS!

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It's the new Android app!


It’s here! The new Tunify app for Android devices brings you more features in a more familiar looking interface.

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