UPDATE: Club Lounge


Tunify is constantly renewing, and of course the music channels are regularly reviewed and updated. Today we show you the updated Club Lounge in Tunify Blue!

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The 3 key elements for playing the right music


Of course you already know that not every kind of music fits your business. But what kind of music is actually the best choice for your business?

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A big welcome to Epidemic Sound!


We are very excited to announce a new collaboration today. Tunify will offer a new product based on royalty free music together with Epidemic Sound!

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3 x 10 years work anniversary!


Three developers of our Research & Development team celebrate their 10th work anniversary at Tunify this month. And because they are such a good bunch, we just couldn’t let this pass. It’s about time we get them out from behind their computers and put them in the spotlight!

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NEW: Barista Bar & Quality Food


Today, we are exited to launch two completely new music categories in Tunify Blue! They carry the names 'Barista Bar' and 'Quality Food'. Read on to learn what to expect music-wise...

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A fresh new look for Tunify Headphone!


Tunify Headphone has a new look!

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Tunify Headphone for iOS


Do you want a quick preview of a song, without interrupting the playback of your current playlist? The Tunify Headphone app now makes this possible. And it’s now also available for iOS!

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It's the new Android app!


It’s here! The new Tunify app for Android devices brings you more features in a more familiar looking interface.

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Has Marks & Spencer made the wrong decision about instore radio?


Marks & Spencer switches off background music in 300 stores after complaints from customers and staff about repetitive playlists. But has Marks & Spencer made the right decision here?

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Tunify Insights: Fashion store - Lingerie


There are few shopping environments where the ability to put someone at ease is as important as in a lingerie shop. Carefully chosen lighting, pleasant materials and a friendly shopkeeper are all elements that contribute to the agreeable mood in the shop. But music also is a powerful tool to bring the customer in the right shopping mood. Discover the science behind the music channel “Lingerie" in the "Fashion Store" category of Tunify Blue.

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New update available for Android tablets


Great news for all Android users! Today we released a new update in the Google Play Store. This update brings the all new Tunify Orange screen to your Android tablet!

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Thank you, Erik


It’s with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to someone who had a great influence on Tunify. Prof. Erik Duval passed away and will be greatly missed.

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Let Tunify inspire you!


Maybe, once in a while, you discover a song on Tunify that you haven’t heard before. You’re completely blown away by it. And you definitely would like to hear more songs like it. But how on earth can you play more songs like this one? Well, Tunify has a really easy solution to do just that!

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Create your own playlists on the iPad


The Tunify iPad application now has a dedicated screen for Tunify Orange. Get the update from the App Store now!

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All ready for 2016


2015 has been a wonderful year for Tunify! In 2016 also, we’ll be committed to make Tunify “the fastest and easiest way to the best music in your business”.

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New Christmas agendas in Tunify Green


Get the best Christmas music on Tunify!

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Visit Tunify at Horeca Expo


Come and see Tunify at Horeca Expo to discover all our novelties.

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Tunify is now available for your phone


You can now play music from Tunify on your iPhone and Android smartphone. Handy!

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Tunify is ready for the growth of your business


Are you starting a new company? Are you the owner of several businesses or do you have plans to expand? Does your store have more departments where you'd like to play different music? No problem, Tunify grows with you! With one Tunify account you can manage the subscriptions of several playback units.

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Tunify and Sonos: the best of 2 worlds


Tunify is now available on Sonos. You have access to Tunify Green, Tunify Blue en Tunify Orange in the app. Your blocked songs, your own music agendas and playlists? It's all in there. Another advantage? Tunify as a multiroom solution is now super easy with Sonos.

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