3 x 10 years work anniversary!


Three developers of our Research & Development team celebrate their 10th work anniversary at Tunify this month. And because they are such a good bunch, we just couldn’t let this pass. It’s about time we get them out from behind their computers and put them in the spotlight!

You probably never thought about it, but every single bit of Tunify is “made in Belgium”. All the Tunify software is created by our own Research & Development team. Over the past 10 years, they have done quite some programming: 2 new Tunify websites, 3 new Tunify players, mobile apps for Android and iOS, integration with Sonos, various useful functions such as searching for similar songs, autocompletion of search terms, smart algorithms for our music specialists, etc. Or in other words: they have moved mountains!

Koen (Engineer in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence), Hans (Master of Computer Science) and Mathijs (Master in Computer Science) now have 30 years of experience together. With their knowledge and experience, you could safely say that they are the brains behind Tunify. They literally make Tunify the fastest and easiest way to the best music for your business.

Thank you guys!
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