A quiet and cosy weekend beckons... #NMF


A quiet and cosy weekend beckons, with fresh music from some lively ladies of a certain age and young and colourful talent.

Barbra Streisand and Marianne Faithfull have more in common than meets the eye. Both released their first album and movie in the sixties. Fifty years later, they still stand behind the microphone and in front of the camera. Both divas have a broad and ‘faithful’ fanbase. Both ladies have known many lovers and admirers. At least one of them had an affair with Mick Jagger. But hey, didn’t we all? Both legends release a new album this weekend. Both keep it relatively quiet and restrained.

Obviously, The Prodigy don’t even know the meaning of those words. The average age of those lads is fifty, but they radiate more energy than a random twenty-something.

French artists don’t particularly keep it on the low this weekend. Breton folk fairy Nolwenn Leroy and womanizer Patrick Bruel are commonly known to please a more saturated public, but their new songs have a broader appeal. Patrick worked with whiz kid Vianney and it shows. Other talented youngsters, like Soolking and Aya Nakamura, make the kids go wild these days. Last summer, ‘mademoiselle’ Aya even had a number one in the Netherlands. A place where they appreciate a good rap song in any kind of language. This week, Bokoesam, Jayh & Broederliefde, Josylvio and Willem all release new work in their mother tongue.

Countrystar Roseanne Cash is the eldest daughter of the late Johnny. Roseanne and her legendary guitar are back in town. As is her ex-husband Rodney Crowell. Rodney surprises friend and foe with a remarkable Christmas album. Which probably inspired The Mavericks to release their first Christmas songs ever. Cowboys and Christmas, only days after Halloween? All is possible and totally acceptable with Tunify!
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