Cosy summer music - Tunify Summer series - part 2/4


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Cosy summer music

Tunify Summer Series (part 2/4)

The mouth-watering smell of a hot barbecue, bright and colorful lanterns on the terrace, a nice cocktail in your hand ... These are just a few expressions of a cosy summer. But what about cosy summer music? What is this exactly and above all: where can you find the right music to create a great summer atmosphere in your business?

Even more than the quiet summer music of part 1, cosy summer music is almost always and everywhere a welcome guest. For example, while your guests enjoy the finest Italian food, catch up in the lobby, look for a new summer outfit and new haircut ... or completely relax in a beauty salon.

The secret to cosy summer music 

Can you quickly name a nice and cosy summer song? Maybe so. But it is much more difficult to say why you think that number is so summery. Yet there are features that often come back. A casual pace and warm singing voices often evoke a cosy atmosphere. Southern rhythms and instruments are reminiscent of the summer.

Tunify analyzes all music for these types of characteristics. We have developed unique algorithms that - to put it in human language - "recognize" how cosy or summery a song sounds. As a result, we can now offer you cosy summer atmospheres and musical agendas.

Below you will find tips to quickly play cosy summer music in every Tunify formula. Just think of sunny genres such as Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz or Jamaican Chill. Or artists like the Buena Vista Social Club, Jimmy Cliff and Jason Mraz.

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Cosy summer music in Tunify Green 

In Tunify Green you will find musical agendas that provide you with great music non-stop. In this way you are assured of pleasant summer music that also takes into account the day of the week and the time of day. Via the menu on the left side of your Tunify player you click through to one of these 7 calendars:

1. Eat & Drink> Summer Terrace (pleasant summery and refreshing sounds)
2. Eat & Drink> Quality Food (trendy, soulful, loungy, soft and deep beats)
3. Club & Lounge> Beach Club (danceable latin and deep grooves with house influences)
4. Club & Lounge> Lounge Club (funky and jazzy upbeat lounge with a dash of bossa nova)
5. Hotel & Business> Lobby Lounge (funky groove, pop jazz and tearoom jazz)
6. Hotel & Business> Smooth Reception (minimal house, jazzy bright, summer breeze)
7. Shop & City> Cosy Shopping (best of pop of the 80s, 90s and 00s)

Cosy summer music in Tunify Blue 

In Tunify Blue you create musical atmospheres. First select a category on the left side of your screen (for example Grand Café) and then click on one of the descriptions below (for example Summer Salad):

1. Grand Café> Summer Salad (cosy summer pop music from 1979 to 2019)
2. Quality Food> Bossa Nova (bossa nova from the 70s to the present)
3. Easy Listening> Lounge cosy (cosy lounge from the nineties)
4. Club Lounge> Bossa Nova & Cosy Lounge (stylish bossa nova and upbeat lounge)

Cosy summer music in Tunify Orange 

Do you want to search for cosy summer music in Tunify Orange? We’ll get you going with these 2 tips:
1. Navigate on the left side of your screen to Themes > Summer and click the gear icon to select only the cosy songs.
2. Navigate to Genres on the left side of your screen to find reggae or bossanova numbers.

Be sure to step out of your comfort zone and discover how new music can blow a fresh summer breeze through your business.

Enjoy listening and we hope to see you in part 3 of the Tunify Summer series! Then we talk about bright summer music and we dance to the sultry rhythms of the chachacha, rumba and samba!


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