Discover the new music agendas in Tunify Green!


Good news for all Tunify users! The Tunify music agendas in Tunify Green are all updated. 

Now you can find the right music for your store more easily. The new agendas are structured in such a way that you can simply choose an agenda based on the type of your business. What you will hear is background music that perfectly suits your business. The agendas contain a variety of moods and genres, all geared to your audience, your store and the moment of the day. 

Naturally you are not obliged to stay within your category. By all means do take a look at other categories where, no doubt, you can also find music agendas that you can play in your store. Do you have a fashion store for a young audience? Then you don't need to stay within the category of Fashion & Style. You can also find a fun and young musical atmosphere at the Club & Lounge or at the Café & Nightlife section. 

But there is more: Tunify wouldn't be Tunify if you could not personalize everything. Would you like to adjust a Tunify agenda, for instance based on your opening hours? Would you like less well-known or more well-known music from the eighties? Do you have your own playlist that you would like to play via your agenda? You can copy all of the Tunify agendas and tweak them to your liking. 

Are you curious yet? Do try it. Can’t you see the changes in your own Tunify player? Restart the Tunify player to get the latest changes. 

Have a lot of fun listening! 

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