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Easy summer music

Tunify Summer Series (part 1/4)

Today we start with a new series of four blog posts: the Tunify Summer series. In the coming weeks we will take you on a tour in the Tunify player and show you the right music to create that summer mood that fits your business. We guide you through the entire spectrum from quiet to dynamic summer music. Are you ready to raise the temperature slowly? Let’s go!

In this first part we focus on easy summer music. Now that the summer is really just starting to get going, we can also start to warm up with the summer music of Tunify. But what exactly is easy summer music? And in what kind of situations can this music be used?

When we talk about easy summer music we think of these genres: Lounge, Downbeat, Bossa Nova etc. All of these offer really good background music. These genres are perfectly suited for many occasions, but not a lot of people find their way around these specific music styles. Perhaps arists names like Sade, Astrud Gilberto, Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, St Germain or Moby ring a bell?

To make it as easy as possible for you, we offer this music in our music agendas and music channels in Tunify Green and Blue. This makes playing the right music child's play, so you don’t have to waste time creating playlists by yourself. Are you curious already what you can use this easy summer music for? Follow us while we guide you through this example of a relaxing early summer day ...

  • Do customers come to your place to enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet? With the Coffee Lounge music agenda you have the perfect soundtrack at hand. As you can see from the name, Coffee Lounge offers also the perfect soulful mood for your coffee shop.

Tunify Green > Eat & Drink > Coffee Lounge 

  • Does reading the weekend edition of the newspaper take a bit longer than expected? Do your customers stay seated a little longer, even after breakfast? The soothing music of the Lounge Easy music channel in Tunify Blue helps your visitors to relax. Don't expect the heavy beats in this lounge channel, but songs with a soft and easy mood.

Tunify Blue > Create Mood > Easy Listening > Lounge Easy 

  • Is it warm enough to sit outside in the sun? Then it's high time to open your outside terrace! The soft beats of the Chill Out Zone will provide the musical equivalent of a spring breeze. Do you like to have full control over your music? In the Easy Lounge music channel you can switch easily between the different music styles and the moods Relax and Easy to set the right temperature.

Tunify Blue > Create mood > Chill Out Zone > Easy Lounge / Down Beat 

  • What’s more fitting to a relaxing day than a visit to the wellness centre? You can relax completely with the music of the Beauty Salon agenda. A facial massage, relaxing in the sauna, a hot stone massage ... Sounds great!

Tunify Green > Body & Mind > Beauty Salon 

  • Nothing beats a romantic dinner as a way to end a stress-free day. The warm, quiet songs of Stylish Restaurant in the Tunify Green music agenda make it so easy to let your customers enjoy a delicious glass of wine ... and their company!

Tunify Green > Eat & Drink > Stylish Restaurant 

Is this the kind of relaxation that people are looking for when they visit you? Then be sure to try out these music suggestions and discover their effect on the mood in your business!

You may have noticed that the Tunify music agendas above do not have a specific summer related name. Nevertheless, the seasons play an important role in the composition of our music agendas. You can find easy music with an autumnal atmosphere, a winter touch of with a summer feeling. We ensure that the music that you play with the music agendas automatically matches the season, so you don't have to worry about it. Handy, right?

Next time we make it really cosy: then we take a dip in the cosy summer music. Can you handle the heat? But first let’s enjoy the quiet awakening of the new summer!


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