Eventually everything will return #NMF


It seems like winter is not coming any time soon, but judging by the new music in your Tunify player, one thing is for sure… eventually everything will return.

Three years after their futuristic sounding album “Drones” the guys from Muse get their inspiration from eighties pop culture. Dark guitars make way for synths.

Ex-Girls Aloud, ex-Ashley Cole, ex-Liam Payne Cheryl hopes to return to the top of the charts with ‘Love Made Me Do It’. We leave it up to you to decide whether this is a succesful comeback or not.

Also breaking the silence these days are De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven, Diggy Dex, Douwe Bob and Tourist LeMC. These artists made a name for themselves in Flanders and in The Netherlands, but they will have to earn their stripes now. “You are only as good as your latest success” is something you learn from those motivational speakers.

Less stressed about their latest successes are Charles Bradley and Lil Peep. Their deaths last year were expected and unexpected, respectively. Luckily they recorded some new music before biting the dust. These songs will be released this weekend, well in time for the holidays.

From Germany the legendary Herbert Grönemeyer returns. From France we hear poetic sounds from Cali and from the UK we witness the long-awaited return from classic(al) beauty Sarah Brightman and poster boy Olly Murs. The American hitmakers from Imagine Dragons complete the list of artists making a remarkable resurgence.

One thing is certain though… artists always find their way back home to Tunify!

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