Every age group will be pleased this week #NMF


Every age group will be pleased this week, regarding the fresh new music in your Tunify player.

Get ready for Italian heartthrob Eros Ramazzotti. This latin lover releases simultaneously fourteen new songs in his native ànd in the Spanish language. For 33 years now, Eros has been the king of Italian pop, and at the age of 55 this DILF raises the heartbeat of every red-blooded woman.

Rita Ora has the same effect on teenage boys and single / married men. Surrounded by the best songwriters and hottest producers in town, this ambitious blonde gets your heart and ears pumping with her sophomore outing. All cardiologists on duty, consider yourself warned!

The elderly better fasten their seatbelts this weekend. None other than Sir Cliff Richard releases all new songs together with philharmonic versions of his greatest hits. It has been fourteen years since his latest offering, but it was worth the wait. After being publicly crucified by the British press for alleged child abuse, the 78-year-old legend resurrects with more fighting power than ever before.

People with a soft spot for bearded thirtysomething Germans, will go weak at the knees with new tunes from Max Giesinger and Mark Forster.

From fancy France, ‘grand dame’ Véronique Sanson looks back over a 50-year singing career. She recently re-recorded her greatest hits, but this time she asked young talent and old virtuoso to duet with her. How about Vianney, Eddy Mitchell, ZAZ, Christophe Maé, Patrick Bruel, Alain Souchon and Julien Doré to name but a few? Rap stars Bigflo & Oli are not on the impressive list, but no worries… they add fifteen fresh and furious songs to your Tunify player today.

‘High brow’ listeners can fullfill their needs with new work from Edison Winner Thomas Azier and Mercury Prize nominee Ed Harcourt.

While it gets chilly outside, young and old can heat up with Tunify!

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