Feeling a bit under the weather? #NMF


Feeling a bit under the weather? Got chills that are multiplying and a mild Friday Afternoon fever? It’s way too late for the flu shot, but Doctor Tunify prescribes a heavy dose of fresh musical vitamins as the best remedy to survive the upcoming weekend.

You will totally reflourish with the powerful new tracks from Gary Clark Jr., Yola, Rodney Atkins, Dream Theater, Delain, John Mayall, Bryan Adams and Jacle Bow. The latter is no stranger to the Belgian rock scene. With the highly anticipated sophomore album, they brighten their musical horizon. Next to their signature straight-on guitar rock, they make room for synths and drums. Is it the right way to go? You can find out for yourself in your Tunify player!

When ginger tea, chicken soup, freshly squeezed orange juice nor honey is within reach, an ancient old recipe is recommended: listen to familiar sounding voices. Both John Mayer and P!nk offer you a brand new song today and they do exactly what you would expect them to do... Solid songs with a recognizable feel. Just what the doctor ordered.

Other artists who will put you right back into your comfort zone this weekend are f.e. Jesse Mac Cormack, Ten Fé, Warhola, Pentatonix, Dean Lewis, Martin Garrix, James Bay, Il Volo, Ultimo and Duke Dumont.

Let Tunify pamper you with the right kind of music!

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