Hello happiness! #NMF


“Hello Happiness”, we say to the sunny weekend ahead.

“Hello Happiness”, we say to the new music this Friday.

“Hello Happiness”, Chaka, Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Khan… Chaka Khan sings. Ever since her Prince-penned hit “I Feel For You”, Chaka Khan is referred to as such, due to the (in)famous intro. After taking a long break from music the ten-time Grammy winner returns with brand new songs. During that twelve-year gap, the now 65-year-old songstress wasn’t having cocktails by the swimming pool nor was she playing golf at a private country club. Chaka took her time to collect top songs and the right producers for a new mini album. Listen to her new (and old) efforts in your Tunify player and embrace the happiness!

Canadian chanteuse Avril Lavigne sounds less happy since Lyme disease affected her body and career. Not that her previous work included euphoric pumping beats and fist-in-the-air action on the dance floor, but the title “Head Above The Water” suggests struggle, pain and a glimpse of hope. Music can be therapeutic after all.

“The Water” is the new song from Australian singer-songwriter Ry X. His album “Unfurl” sees daylight today and confirms his mastery at producing a fragile, though lived sound.

New lived, but not-so-fragile sounds come from the likes of Jon Fratelli and Avantasia.

Their name can be deceiving but the gents from Florida Georgia Line are truly Nashville residents. They serve you freshly squeezed, uncut country music.

While listening to the new Danny Vera, assuming that Middelburg is a town near Nashville is an easy mistake to make. Fortysomething Danny brings you country and americana straight from Zeeland.

Kenny B is no stranger to the lovers of Dutch Reggae. Four years ago, at the age of 54, Kenny became a household name with the chart-topper “Parijs”. Today, he hopes to repeat this success in The Netherlands with “Hoe Dan Ook”, which means as much as “Anyhow”.

Anyhow, whether you like your music hard, fragile or happy, you are always on the right track with Tunify!

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