Hey, what a great weekend for the polyglots among the Tunify lovers! #NMF


This weekend, new music arrives from all corners of the world, in different languages.

Dutch people are very proud of their native language, and rightfully so. Formally known for her English work, Anouk now releases a collection of Dutch torch songs. Delise, one of Anouk’s mentees, debuts with the appropriately titled ‘Klein Zusje’ (meaning ‘little sister’). For ‘Sexy dancer’ Nielson the proof of the pudding is in the eating. He brings a sparkling and contemporary sound to your Tunify Player. Rappers often seem frustrated and angry at the world. When Boef and Sticks & A.r.t. spit their words in Dutch, you don’t need to understand them to feel them.

The representatives of the French language are veteran Pascal Obispo and twenty-something Jérémy Frérot. Yummy Jérémy was one half of the successful Fréro Delavega, but now he travels along the ‘Route du Soleil’ alone.

German sounds ‘ganz toll’ when sung by Herr Axel Bosse. This guy is rocking at the festivals of German speaking countries for over a decade now. ‘Zoutelande’, an almost word-by-word translation of his ‘Frankfurt Oder’, was the biggest hit sung in Dutch ever. We learned that Dutch people apparently prefer buckling and vodka to Kartoffelschnaps and Bockworst. Bosse’s new and very tight songs are streaming effectively straight into your ears. And maybe one day you will hear one of his hits translated into your own language.

Medina is the Danish equivalent of Lady Gaga. This week she returns to singing in her mother tongue. Such a ‘Hygge’ thing to do.

For those who like it a bit more southern style, we recommend Italian hip hopping hunk Emis Killa. Emiliano is a saint in his own country and a lady-killer to all prima donnas around the world.

Last but not least, the hard working artists from the Anglo-Saxon world raise their voices. The Prodigy, Tom Walker, Matthew Dear, John Grant, John Hiatt, Joe Jackson, Jess Glynne, Kurt Vile and Elvis Costello & The Imposters, they all want to be heard by you.

Hey, what a great weekend for the polyglots among the Tunify lovers!
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