Is it good for concentration? Music at work


Is it good for concentration? Music at work

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Is concentration music at work a good idea? It’s often the cause of heated discussions at the office. One colleague is convinced that they work more productively with ‘concentration’ music, while another doesn’t believe your performance is as good when your head is bouncing up and down to the beat. Internet marketing agency WebFX bundled 10 music investigations into 1 clear infographic.

WebFX looked for the link between music at work and productivity. Most employees already believe the impact is positive. Six in ten employees admit that they listen to music, making them happier and more productive. In broad terms, they’re right to do that: 90% of employees perform better when they work with music, and 88% work more accurately.

Work music increases productivity 

Just as there’s a lid to fit every jar, it appears there’s a musical genre to fit every task. These are just a few matches that have been acknowledged by experts:

Ambient music improves the accuracy of data input for 92% of people.
Dance music increases the speed of proofreading by 20%.
Classical music improves accuracy by 12%.
Pop music drops the number of errors made by 14%.
Pop music also saw 58% of people increase the speed at which they work.

When do you need to be careful about playing music at work? 

In a few cases, work music or ‘concentration’ music may actually prove to be counterproductive. At least, it may be if you listen to the wrong type of music. Is the utmost concentration required? The best ‘concentration’ music consists of songs that you know through and through. What if you have something new to learn or have a job that revolves around language? You’ll perform best with instrumental music playing in the background.

The infographic about music at work 

See the whole infographic below, including all sources, for the figures that have been included in this article:

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