Spotify Import (bèta)


Are you always listening to music in your spare time? Then there’s a big chance you have a Spotify account. And if you’re only a bit like us (music maniacs), then you've probably spent hours making your own playlists. Playlists that tell a story about you and that you might also want to use to tell the unique story of your own business too.

Unfortunately, Spotify is a streaming service for consumers only, so you can not use it to play background music at your shop, bar or at any other type of business. But don’t be sad, because know there’s a solution!

Today, we’ve released Spotify Import, a tool to copy your Spotify playlists to Tunify. Thanks to this tool, you can now play all your Spotify playlists in your business, with your Tunify Orange subscription.

Curious already? Click on your account name at the top right of your account page, then click “Spotify Import” and follow the steps.

Please note that this is a beta version of the Spotify Import tool which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. Should you encounter any bugs, lack of functionality or other problems, please let us know. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. 

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