Surprises, adventure and discoveries! #NMF


As August slowly progresses, those holiday feelings fade. One last deep breath of summer air, one last little heatwave and then back to business as usual.

Worldly women like Taylor Swift know when to get back into work mode. Taylor releases her new album ‘Lover’ today and is the biggest star attending our weekly new releases party, here at the Tunify Headquarters. ‘Lover’ brings you well-crafted pop songs with a catchy hook and a little twist. Taylor is a master in balancing between raving reviews, troubled teenagers and trendy twenty-somethings.

Late eighties English band New Model Army and Californian act The Rembrandts left press and public wanting more. Mid-nineties the latter scored a massive hit thanks to the still beloved sitcom “Friends”. Since then, several generations have been clapping along “I’ll Be There For You”, but no news from neither The Rembrandts nor New Model Army. Until today. Curious about their long-awaited new material? Tunify is here for you.

Late nineties Dutch group Speed 78 caused a stir in their home country. After a twenty-year nap, we hope they will be able to cross the borders in full force with their new songs.

Madame Vitaa and Monsieur Slimane are both big solo acts in France. After a few very successful collaborations they decided to expand their professional relationship to a dozen duets. For those connoisseurs of French declarations of love with an urban touch, this is finger-licking good news.

Other noteworthy new releases from Ava Max, Indila,The 1975,  and Raphael Saadiq will brighten up your Tunify player this weekend.

Friday, August 30th, more worldly women like Lana Del Rey, Sheryl Crow, Natasha Bedingfield and Trisha Yearwood will beg for your attention.

Lovers of adventurous electronic music will find solace in new material from Caravan Palace en !!!.

Not just one summer of relaxing but almost one decade and a half will do for those handy members of Tool. No more rest for your ears as well, since their latest album will be available from the penultimate day of August on thanks to your Tunify player. More wild guitar work that day from the likes of Temples, Tarja, Whitney, and surprisingly enough, German living legend Peter Maffay.

Something for everyone, and especially those who like surprises, adventure and unexpected discoveries, right here in your Tunify player.

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