The Queen of Pop and The Boss are back! #NMF


A lot of homegrown songs this week on the New Music Friday list, besides two remarkable American artists which are also known as ‘The Queen of Pop” and “The Boss”.

Both artists earned their nickname in the eighties whilst topping the charts constantly, selling albums like hot cakes. The following decades they had their ups and downs but they kept their fans interested and close to their hearts.

The first survivor goes by the name of
Madonna. After a rather cringe-worthy performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv last month, it seemed like The Queen of Pop could not live up to that name anymore. But critics are raving about her fourteenth album which from today on will be available to stream in your Tunify player. Once in a while, marketing managers drop the “Any publicity is good publicity” cliché to avoid an awkward silence during a sales meeting. And once again, the cliché has proven true: last week Madonna dethroned long-standing champions The Beatles as the most streamed artist in Tunify. The Queen is back, long live the Queen!

The second true American hero is Bruce Springsteen. Five years after “High Hopes”, Bruce releases album number nineteen. The songs on “High Hopes” were merely re-recordings and re-interpretations of old stuff and demos, so one could say it has been over 7 years since the world heard a decent new tune from The Boss. Well, today Mr. Springsteen unleashes a collection of 13 brand new broiling songs.

The guys from the British band Bastille release their third album this weekend. Six years after their breakthrough hit “Pompeii” they are still in search of an equally explosive chart-topper.

A beautiful example of a collaboration that’s more than the sum of its parts is the musical marriage between Calexico and Iron & Wine. They worked together once before back in 2005, today they bring you the result of their latest studio efforts.

Other artists from very different backgrounds and generations that will brighten up your weekend with new material are Regi, Jovanotti, Tessa Dixson Black Pumas, Little Mix, Jonas Winterland & Chantal Acda, Sasha & Davy, MEROL, DJ Snake, Keb’ Mo’, Sufjan Stevens, Safi, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Sabien Tiels, Helene Fischer, Mabel and Fatboy Slim.

Artists and songs from this continent or from across the ocean, all are welcome in Tunify!


Image: Bruce Springsteen - Antonio Scorza /
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