Tunify always loves to welcome stylish and respectful artists #NMF


Tunify always loves to welcome stylish and respectful artists. This week they are gathering and queuing in fashionable style to present to you their latest work on a silver platter.

Fans of Dire Straits are eagerly awaiting the ninth solo album of frontman Mark Knopfler. The guitar virtuoso and storyteller will apparently be looking back at – amongst other things - the early years of this legendary band, which called it quits a quarter-century ago. 69-year-old Mark sowed his wild oats but never lost his elegancy while strolling those famous fingers along.

The ever-charming Michael Bublé radiates elegancy and romance. Leaving hard times in his personal life behind, Michael has confidence in a brighter future. His positive attitude will surely reflect in his new music and perfectly coincides with the upcoming holiday spirit.

The godfathers of hipsters and baristas, Mumford & Sons, release their fourth album this weekend. Barbers, sharpen your razors!

And it’s not just the bearded men we would like to put in the spotlights this week. The British lush ladies from Little Mix, The American bling-bling empress Mariah Carey, The Italian songstress Giorgia, The sensual French “chanteuses” Vanessa Paradis and ZAZ… they all are willing and able to charm your ears and heart.

Special attention should be paid to some remarkable Belgian (front)ladies. The gracious Stefanie Callebaut, half of SX, Luka, the new leading lady of Hooverphonic, Alice On The Roof and Blanche spent the past couple of months recording and release the fruits of their labor today. After a long break the enchanting Dido also returns with the new single “Hurricanes”, a precursor of a new album and tour in 2019.

For those who can’t stand the waiting, there is only one solution. It’s called Tunify!

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