Tunify and Sonos: the best of 2 worlds


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Tunify and Sonos: a perfect combination!

With Tunify it was already very easy to play the right music in your store. But with the link to Sonos it becomes even easier to play the best music with a warm and full sound, crystal clear at every volume. Tunify is as of this moment available on Sonos. You have access to Tunify Green, Tunify Blue en Tunify Orange in the app. Your blocked songs, your own music agendas and playlists? It's all in there.

To play Tunify via Sonos actually offers another great advantage: it makes Tunify a worthy multi-room solution. Do you have more zones in your store where you'd like to play different music? This is possible with Sonos! You can simply select the zones with the Sonos controller and choose the music that you'd like to play via Tunify. Easy!

Do you want to know how you can add Tunify to your music services on your Sonos controller? You can read it here.

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