Tunify Control


We're proud to present to you our completely new app: Tunify Control!

If you’re a Tunify user, you can now control your Tunify player from literally anywhere with this app. 

Just open the Tunify Control app on your smartphone and log in with the credentials of the player that you want to control. It’s as easy as that! 

These functions are currently available in Tunify Control (and more are coming!)
- pause or skip the current song
- block songs: give a thumbs down to a song you don’t want to hear ever again, so they won’t be played no more in the music channels and music agendas
- add songs to your favorites list: bring all your favorite songs together in one list by giving them a thumbs up

Looking for other features? Share your thoughts on our contact page and tell us what you’re missing!

You can get the app at the App Store and at Google Play. Tunify Control is free and works with all the different subscription types. 

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