Tunify is ready for the growth of your business


Are you starting a new company? Are you the owner of several businesses or do you have plans to expand? Does your store have more departments where you'd like to play different music? No problem, Tunify grows with you!

It is now possible to manage the subscriptions of several playback units with one Tunify account. You can add a new playback unit to your subscriptions' page. For each playback unit you can purchase the desired subscription.

This possibility is for example ideal for:
- entrepreneurs with several businesses
- fitness centres who require a subscription for each instructor
- Fashion stores with various departments
- hotels that require different music for different areas
- food and beverage venues with several rooms
- ...

We'd like to make things as easy as possible for you. For instance, in a single motion you can purchase a subscription for all your playback units, on one invoice if you wish. Clear and simple, that's how we like it!
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