Tunify is renewed!


3... 2... 1... Lift off!

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 When you're reading this blog post, you have probably seen it already: Tunify has had a complete makeover!

The past few months we have worked hard to make Tunify even more accessible. The renewed Tunify player was the first step towards innovation. Yet to follow are the new website, three new products and new prizes.

The new website is the most eye catching. What's new? This blog of course, but in fact everything is new. As from this moment it is possible for example to manage more Tunify subscriptions through one account. Useful to those who have more stores or playback units. Besides, it has also become much easier to purchase a subscription and there's a new help page.

Furthermore there are now three Tunify products instead of one: Tunify Green, Tunify Blue en Tunify Orange. With these products we can even better meet the demands of the Tunify users. Would you like to know more about these new products? On the price page the differences will be explained on the three Tunify products.

At last, but not less important: New products should include new prizes. Tunify Green is as of yet the new basic edition of Tunify. On the price page you can find how much a Tunify subscription costs for the different products.

Please feel free to take a further look on our new website. We are happy to hear your feedback!

See you soon!
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