UPDATE: Club Lounge


Club Lounge

Tunify is constantly renewing, and of course the music channels are regularly reviewed and updated. Today we show you the updated Club Lounge in Tunify Blue.

There’s no such thing as “some lounge music”. The music term ‘lounge’ is used for a collection of rather diverse musical styles. In our Club Lounge, the emphasis is on the more danceable lounge music, ideal for creating a club atmosphere. A broad collection of more quiet and relaxed lounge music can be found in our Chill Out Zone.

So what have we changed? From now on, it’s easier than ever to find the kind of lounge music that suits your business. To make this possible, we offer the music in Club Lounge in a different way than before. You now get a clear distinction between the various influences within the lounge music. For example, you can choose Groovy Lounge or deep house with inspiring soul influences in Deep Soulful. We also created a separate music channel for lounge music with a distinctive electronic sound: Deep Electronic.

With these music channels, we focus on the situations in which you might use lounge music. The typical round warm basses for a cozy atmosphere are found in Down Beat. But we have also created some new channels. For instance, have a look at Beach House: here you’ll find the best tropical beats for the sultry summer days. Deep house with some more punchy dance beats - perfect for later in the evening - are available in Deep Dance. And there’s a lot more to discover...

Is lounge music something you could use in your business? Most probably, yes! The music in Club Lounge can be used widely. Are you looking for the perfect background music for your fitness centre? Then you’ll find some pleasant beats here. Fine dining restaurants are increasingly switching to lounge music to create a modern and cosy atmosphere. But also tea rooms, coffee bars, fashion stores, etc. will find music that fits their concept in Club Lounge. Definitely worth a try!

Curious already? The new Club Lounge is waiting for you in the ‘Create mood’ category of Tunify Blue. Don’t forget to reboot your Tunify player to load the new music channels.

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