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42workspace is the Rotterdam hub for tech and digital entrepreneurs, located in the middle of the vibrant city center. From VR innovators to next-generation platform builders, all kinds of like-minded entrepreneurs find each other in the Witte de Withstraat. Tunify had a fascinating talk with Managing Director Patricio de Boom. He explains how 42workspace is building an ambitious story and how the right music has a place in this story.

“42workspace is a co-working space for tech and digital startups. We know that there is a very good tech scene in Rotterdam, but there was not yet a central place or hub, a place were these people could gather and meet. We want to bring together these like-minded people in the field of tech and digital. We do that by offering them the opportunity to work here. Startup companies in the tech community looking for a place for teams up to 10 people can also rent a private office here.”

However, 42workspace is more than just a pleasant workplace for a specific target audience, explains Patricio. "In addition, we are working hard on a program of all kinds of events and with speakers that have an interesting story to tell in the field of tech and digital. By offering this, we want to inspire people and bring them into contact with each other. This way, we try to create a community of like-minded people: a source of co-creation, a network where you can test ideas and find the necessary help or skills to solve problems together.”

After a soft launch in March 2017, the floors are filling up fast. After the summer, the official launch will follow. Until then, they focus on their 2 biggest challenges: attracting the right audience and making them feel at home. "To attract the right people, you need some fame and we are not completely there yet. In that regard, we consider ourselves also as a startup that needs to find customers. In addition, the community feeling we want to create here is an important prerequisite for success. It's a challenge to create this kind of community for and with help from the tech members themselves,” said Patricio.

Because the community has to feel literally at home, 42workspace uses Tunify to bring the right atmosphere to the building. "We play music in all community areas. One of these community areas is for example our healthy food concept: a bar for food and drinks. But it also serves as background music for the flex spots and it is very well received. It sets a particular mood, it helps to create a living room feel and that's very much appreciated. We adapt the music to the different office hours. During the working hours, there's some quieter background music, music that lets you focus. During after work drinks very different playlists are used to set the right mood for the start of a nice evening."

Patricio doesn’t want to give away too much about the future plans of 42workspace. “Things have just started for us, but it is beyond doubt we will eventually want to become a label for growth, where companies in full development can find more value for growth.”

If you are a tech and digital entrepreneur, you can always drop by at 42workspace for one of the many events on their fantastic rooftop terrace or for a casual drink on a Friday evening. All contact information can be found on the 42workspace website: www.42workspace.com.

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