Fashion and music go hand in hand. Tunify visited ARC founder Roger Schutters to talk about trends, music and fashion. He knows the fashion industry inside out, and has been using Tunify for years. With more than 40 years of experience, he has an eye for quality and trends. ARC offers its clients, alongside an interesting collection, support and consultancy on everything related to fashion, design and styling. He shares his experience with us in the form of 5 trends and tips for fashion retailers.

Let's first introduce Roger Schutters. "About 10 years ago, I started working as a self-employed agent and distributor in fashion. We distribute various brands including Italian brands such as Rodrigo for men or Christies for ladies. Our main brand is DL1961, a brand from New York that has won the "Best Denim Brand of the Year" award by the American Apparel & Footwear Association. The fabric is unique thanks to its 4-way stretch, ensuring that you always have a perfect figure with this jeans. Women look nice and sexy, but they also feel relaxed in the jeans. We supply DL1961 to exclusive fashion stores like Wellens in Herentals, Mania-K in Roeselare, Helsen in Hasselt, Princess in Knokke, etc."

1. A good product

With his choice for DL1961, Roger Schutters immediately illustrates his first tip: a good product is absolutely necessary. It seems obvious, but in fashion you must continue to evolve. "I have indicated to DL1961 that more detailed and fashionable models are needed in their collection. They mainly have basic items in their collection and sometimes a few fashion pieces, but never real fashionable jeans. And the trend right now is that jeans are more and more developing as a fashion piece. Our customers will soon find these new pieces in our showroom in Antwerp.”

2. Basics are the basis

"If a consumer visits the store looking for a black jeans and you do not have it, then the customer will most probably buy it somewhere else," says Roger. “For these core pieces we work with a Never Out of Stock system, meaning the stores will never be without a certain size of the basic models. Each piece can be ordered and will be delivered the next day. If 2 or 3 models of a collection don’t hit, then they must sell the stock in sales with a 50% to 70% reduction. Basics, on the other hand, always ensure a constant return. Stores must therefore make sure they have 30% basics, which are always replenished so they get a better and constant return.”

3. An exclusive offer

Recently, more and more retailers are looking for way to offer more exclusivity. Roger explains why this is a logical choice. "We don’t have our own stores with ARC. There’s a good reason for that. You can not expect retailers to sell your product if you open your own brand store with more choice next to their door. The same goes for internet sales: because there is more competition for the retailer, they look for ways to stay relevant, and for a more exclusive offer. With our brands like DL1961 we cater to this kind of need.”

4. Personalize

Every customer is different and today there are many ways to respond to this. Roger gives an example for which the retailer does not have to make an investment himself. "For our Rodrigo brand, we work with a manufacturer that produces tailor made shirts. Men who want to wear something exclusive and at the same time want to be sure they have the right size can choose from a thousand different fabrics. Furthermore, we can personalize these shirts with, for example, the initials of the store and buttons of your choice. This kind of consumer centred approach will become crucial in the future."

5. Experience & Lifestyle

Last but not least, Roger suggests to not only focus on clothes in the store, but also on experience and lifestyle. In this way people are attracted to shop in the store. "Some retailers already do this with a corner where the men can drink something while the ladies shop." Music also plays a major role in the experience. “As a distributor, we also use Tunify in our own showroom. We adapt the music to the customer with whom we have an appointment. If it's a young boutique, we'll choose more dynamic music. If it's a boutique for a older or chiquer audience, we'll also translate that into the music. Tunify is perfect for this and knows what is needed in every situation. The music is offered in the Fashion & Style category in the form of music channels with names like Casual, Jeans, Haute Couture, etc. I also love that in Tunify the music is adapted to the time of day. For example, you'll hear other music in the morning than at closing time or in the afternoon. That's very important.”

With these useful tips, you’re sure to lift your fashion store to the next level! If you would like to find out more about ARC and DL1961, you can visit The Tunify music service can be tried for free. Go to to register for a 7-day trial.

DL1961 Denim Fall 2017 Campaign ft. Emily Ratajkowski

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