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Jesica Avalos Contreras - Event & Horeca Manager Arenberg

Arenberg, located in the heart of the Antwerp theatre district, has become a household name throughout the city. And, by extension, across the whole of Belgium. The theatre is diverse in terms of its programming and visitors, as well as its music—provided by Tunify. Event and horeca manager Jesica Avalos Contreras shows us the ropes at ‘den Arenberg’.

Arenberg programmes are so varied that there is something for everyone. For spring 2019, the agenda again features plays, comedy shows and musical performances. In addition, the cultural centre dares to offer its stage to undiscovered talent. People from across the world are getting up on stage to grab their chance.

‘You see this diversity on and off the stage,’ explains Jesica. ‘If you look around the hall, you’ll see people from all over the world. That immediately clicked with me. I really wanted to work here, with a diverse crew of great people.’

Jesica has only just begun at Arenberg. She is responsible for both bars, BARLOKAL and BARBRUT, and for the events. And there are plenty of companies and organisations that combine cultural activities with receptions. ‘Put simply, I make sure that everyone has a nice time before and after every performance,’ says Jesica, summarising her job. 

A tablet behind the counter 

In the coming months, Jesica wants to further build on the experience in BARLOKAL and BARBRUT. For this, she has found a like-minded partner in Tunify. Both bars have had Tunify subscriptions since 2017. So it is possible to tune the music to the atmosphere in the bar and to the guests. ‘In the smaller bar, there is a tablet behind the counter. The bar crew use it to respond musically to the atmosphere as it is on the evening,’ says Jesica.

This isn’t the case yet in BARLOKAL. Jesica: ‘The music player for BARLOKAL is still in a different room to the bar. But we are going to change that. Thanks to the Tunify app, it only takes a smartphone or tablet to manage the music from any place you like. A mobile device for the bar is on its way.’


Press ‘play’ and keep working 

Over the last few weeks, Jesica hasn’t found much time to play with Tunify: ‘On the contrary. All I’ve been doing is starting the music. I just quickly click on an atmosphere, genre or playlist. That was the biggest benefit I’ve come across: I don’t even need to know all the ins and outs of Tunify to quickly start the music playing and keep working.’

"That was the biggest benefit I’ve come across: I don’t even need to know all the ins and outs of Tunify to quickly start the music playing and keep working."

Jesica Avalos Contreras - Event & Horeca Manager Arenberg

‘In the long term, it will of course be interesting to use both subscriptions differently,’ adds Jesica. ‘Then the music in BARLOKAL and BARBRUT will also strengthen the unique atmosphere of each bar. You’re welcome back next year for a ‘Then and Now’ comparison. Or sooner for a show ...’ (winks).

How diverse and daring is the variety of shows at the Arenberg? Find out for yourself at!

Odoo CMS - a big picture

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