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Het Eilandje in Antwerp, located between the town center and the harbor, has always been a lively neighbourhood. After a redesign of the environment and the arrival of the MAS museum, more and more people found their way to het Eilandje. Because of this, the number of bars and restaurants has also grown substantially over the last years. At het Eilandje, you’ll find - amongst others - Restaurant Lux, Festiv Bar, grill restaurant Món and more recently Atelier Millevaches. These businesses are all linked and you could say they form one big family together.

Tom Drubbel, operational manager, spoke with Tunify on how new businesses arise and how Tunify is used in each business. “The restaurant at castle Steytelinck in Wilrijk was one of our first businesses. In 2003 restaurant Lux was added. This was a high-volume classy brasserie with a small cocktail bar. In 2014 we gave them both an identity and name of their own. The bar became much bigger and was named Festiv Bar. The restaurant was converted into a gourmet restaurant with a lower volume and with higher comfort: the current Lux restaurant. Separating these two businesses also meant a new specific music profile for both became necessary. In the same period we also started the Món grill restaurant, a concept that was more accessible than Lux: with a little looser atmosphere and also a different style of music,” says Tom.

Indirectly, this grill restaurant has also been the reason for the arrival of butchery Atelier Millevaches. “At Món we work with the meat of our own cows that are raised in their original habitat. You have to own quite a few cows to be able to run a meat restaurant: we now have more than 600 cows on more than 100 acres of land. And these numbers continue to grow when you have some bulls walking around… After some time, we came to the conclusion that we might have a bit too many cows for one restaurant. So our chef Bert Zaman then came up with the idea to start our own butcher shop. We did some research on how we could differentiate ourselves from other butchers and supermarkets. We noticed there certainly is enough room for good quality meat at a slightly higher price. For us, not everybody has to eat meat every day, but when you eat meat, why not make sure it’s of good quality."

One of the most striking features of Atelier Millevaches are the carcasses hanging in the shop window. “That idea was a bit of a gamble, to be honest. The shop manager got his inspiration in the United States, but we didn’t know wether the public in Belgium would be ready for it. It’s an unusual sight, but people like it. The reactions are much better than we could have hoped."

"Today, it’s no longer enough to offer good products, you should also offer a unique experience to your customers."

Tom Drubbel, Atelier Millevaches

You might not expect it right away, but music is played in the butcher shop Atelier Millevaches. Tom Drubbel explains why: “Music is super important for our business. It’s only one element of running a business, but it’s an important one. Today, it’s no longer enough to offer good products, you should also offer a unique experience to your customers. So even though it’s actually ‘just’ a butchery, we play music to create a certain atmosphere. In the case of Atelier Millevaches, we mainly play jazz and lounge music from the music agendas of Tunify Green."

“We use Tunify because it is versatile and flexible. We can easily create a distinct identity for each one of our businesses. The music channels in Tunify are right on the money, everything is categorized correctly and comprehensibly. And even when there’s a song that doesn’t fit your business, you can simply remove it by giving it a thumbs down. It’s becoming easier and easier to use Tunify. We used to work with a computer, now you simply download the Tunify app on your iPad and you’re off!”

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