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Earlier this month, in one of the most striking classical houses of Temse, Maxim Van Steenbergen and Amaria El Kadouri started a rather special barbershop. The location was carefully chosen. One of their biggest challenges was to find a house with a strong characteristic appearance, where every element is as authentic as possible. 

“It has always been our dream to start our own barbershop and to give it a personal touch. We don’t want to be another classic hairdresser. Instead, we want to give our customers a homey feeling”, says Amaria. “We are a salon where men can get a shave and a haircut, just like in the old days. But it’s much more than a quick trimming: this is a full haircare and wellness treatment. Women also get a custom haircut with personal colour and care advice."

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Like the name ‘Bar-Belle’ says: the concept goes further than only haircare. “While waiting, our customers relax at the bar, on the comfy sofas or at our outdoor patio. They drink something - from water to sparkling wine or whisky - and read a book or have a chat, with us, or with each other." 

Maxim and Amaria realise all too well that the right music is essential when you are creating an identity for your business. From the house facade, to the chairs, to the colours used in the interior: everything needs to be well thought through. “We think music is extremely important in our business. It creates a certain mood and at the same time makes us start the day off with a smile. We play mainly jazz, soul and funky music. This is enjoyable music to listen to and it fits our concept really well." 

“Maxim’s brother Axel Van Steenbergen (owner of the restaurant Oud Gemeentehuis located in Weert) showed us the way to Tunify. He convinced us to get the free trial. From the first click, we knew immediately that this is the right music system for us. We most often use the music channels in Tunify Blue and we search music by year, but we are still exploring all the possibilities of Tunify." 

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