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About 5 years ago, owner Hilde Rutten invested 1.3 million euros in the new headquarters of BergHOFF Belgium. It includes a large showroom on the ground floor and an event space for cooking demonstrations on the first floor. Both levels in the building share … Tunify music!

BergHOFF Worldwide designs and produces cookware, kitchen accessories and cutlery. BergHOFF Belgium is an independent company that operates in the Benelux as the exclusive distributor of the BergHOFF Worldwide products.

In 2008, Hilde Rutten took a big leap. She traded her job as an employee in parent company BergHOFF Worldwide for her own business. Hilde: “At first, the main challenge was to create some space in the market for our young brand, next to the existing well-known companies. To get there, I used social media a lot to increase our brand awareness. That is something we are still doing, by the way.”

Today, BergHOFF Belgium has a broad client portfolio. It sells to retailers such as cookery shops, catering wholesalers and companies who are purchasing business gifts. The most popular and well-known products are without a doubt the pots and pans of BergHOFF.

State of the art headquarters in Beringen 

A milestone in the company’s development is reached in 2014. That year, it moves to a brand new building in Beringen, Limburg. On the ground floor, a large showroom welcomes customers and showcases all the products. One floor up, those same customers walk into the BergHOFF Experience Center, an event space with an open kitchen for cooking demonstrations.

About once a month, BergHOFF Belgium invites a top chef who prepares a four-course dinner for a number of clients. These networking events are part of the company’s strategy to know its customers really well and to work together as true partners. For example, BergHOFF develops custom point-of-sale materials and even tailored products for and with its clients.

Pleasant shopping environment 

When the new building was finished, Tunify made its entrance at BergHOFF. Hilde: “In our previous building, we actually did not play any music at all. That changed as soon as we stumbled upon Tunify. We are often helping our customers to improve the shopping experience in their stores. So it only makes sense to also create a pleasant shopping environment ourselves, right?”

“The use of Tunify also avoids that the personal taste of employees takes over”, Hilde explains. “One person might like commercial hits, while someone else prefers alternative music, but everyone here knows that we only play music from the category ‘Eat & Drink’ in Tunify.”

Just pressing play 

Hilde always relies on Tunify’s channels. “I come in every morning, press play and never have to worry about the music again”, she says. “I haven’t even created a single playlist, because the suggested songs are doing their job perfectly well.”

“Of course, we do stick to safe, catering-oriented channels”, Hilde continues. “That is a straight road to music that basically everybody likes. You would have to be more careful if you want to play niche genres or songs. But in fact, we even hardly ever change the channel we are playing. Whether that limits the variation in the songs we are listening to? Not at all, I never even thought about that.”

Tunify is also playing during the gastronomic dinners in the event space. “These are the only moments when we adjust the music a little”, Hilde concludes. “We often go for a lounge channel on those nights. That makes it easier to talk to each other.”

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Odoo CMS - a big picture


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