Situated between the many antique shops in the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp, you’ll find the concept store F.R.E.D. This is the concept store of the Belgian fashion house FNG, known by the brands CKS, Fred & Ginger, Ginger, Baker Bridge, Expresso and Claudia Sträter. F.R.E.D. represents Facility for Research, Expression and Development. This name immediately shows F.R.E.D. is about much more than just clothes... 

“F.R.E.D. is a mulitbrand store,” says shop manager Eva Vleeschouwer. “We sell Ginger, a brand of FNG, but also collections from designers like Tim Van Steenbergen and Annemie Verbeke and some international brands. In addition to clothing, you can also buy accessories and lifestyle items. But at the same time, F.R.E.D. is a laboratory for exhibitions, workshops, stock sales etc.,” says Eva. By working with fashion designers, artists and designers F.R.E.D. is in a constant state of metamorphosis. “At this moment, we are running a project from the artist Willem Cole where visitors can compose their own personal color portrait."

Because the concept store is very focussed on perception and experience, Tunify is also used in a very active way by F.R.E.D. “Music should not be predominant in the store, but it should create a certain atmosphere. We are original in every aspect of our business and we try to be original as well with our music.” says Eva. 

“The music we play can be any genre, from classical to pop music. Preferably not too serious, we also like to include catchy pop songs or something funny. Recently for example, we played the soundtrack of a movie we had watched. Everything is possible. The choice depends on who is working in the shop, but it could also depend on the weather. Some days you can really feel the energy in the air, so then we opt for more uptempo music in Tunify.”

“At F.R.E.D. originality is important, so we often play less commercial music. We regularly receive positive comments about this from our customers. The Kloosterstraat is a street with lots of tourists from all over the world, each with their own interests and cultural baggage. It’s nice being able to easily adapt our music to this with Tunify."

Anyone looking for a modern and stylish outfit should definitely consider visiting F.R.E.D. at Kloosterstraat 13 in Antwerp. You can also visit them online via www.fred-one.be. Would you like to be informed of future projects from F.R.E.D.? Then sign up through their website for their newsletter.

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