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Having coffee with the ‘Familie Snorhaar’

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A visit to a bar doesn’t have to be noisy and busy. In Breda, you now find peace and quiet, nice coffee and delicious lunches in the cat café Familie Snorhaar. Read the special story about this special place.


The driving force behind Familie Snorhaar is Lenneke Veraart. After years of preparation, a crowdfunding campaign and the search for a suitable building, her cat café opened its doors on 24 October 2018. "Phew", Lenneke sighs half tired, half relieved, when she looks back on the past 2 years. As so often, the renovation works took a lot longer than planned.

But she can be proud of the result: the entire building has become a cat’s dream. "We even built a tunnel that runs through the kitchen," says Lenneke. "This way, our cats can also spend some time in the back, away from the café, without having to come into contact with the kitchen.”

All cat lovers welcome 


The cat café already is the home of 4 cats, with 2 more kittens on the way. They were all carefully selected by a cat behaviourist who checked how the cats reacted to physical and auditory stimuli. This is important, because the cats have to get along well with each other and with the visitors.

The cat café is not a place for other cats to hang out, it’s aimed at cat lovers. Lenneke: “We have only been open for 1 month now, but already we are reaching a very diverse audience. A lot of visitors have cats themselves, but there are also people whose partner has a cat allergy.”

“Also, you have several nursing homes in this area. They generally don’t allow you to keep pets. That is why their older residents go here and sit among students who want to get some studying done. On top of all that, Italians, Englishmen, Germans and Belgians have already found their way to the café.”

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Two cats obviously enjoying the music at cat café 'Familie Snorhaar'

Royalty-free music 

Lenneke chose the Tunify subscription with royalty-free music. The cats draw all the attention to themselves anyway, so she doesn’t need commercial hits. “This low-cost solution is also perfect for a starter like me”, Lenneke adds.

“At the moment, I mainly use music channels such as ‘Peaceful’, ‘Cosy’ and ‘Piano’. Those are the cats’ favourites. And it also affects the customers. If you play more up-tempo songs, they will start talking louder, for example.”

“Actually, I still have a lot to discover in the Tunify application. I should use the settings icons to play around with variables such as the energy or the cheerfulness of the music channels. That would allow me even more control of the music that is playing in the café.”

Opposite vibe 

Lenneke understands that most other bar owners will still prefer commercial music: “In a traditional bar, you really want the music to set the mood and liven things up. In our café, we are actually after an opposite vibe, with a focus on peace and quiet. That also explains why I am not getting remarks on the music in here. It is very subtly adding to our familiar-sounding living room atmosphere.”

“Actually, there is one exception. A man walked in one day and asked us what system we use to play music. It really felt like a mystery visit to check up on us. Luckily, we only use the royalty-free player of Tunify. I’m happy I made the right choice from the start. That ‘right choice’ also applies to the quality of the music, by the way. I once tried a different player, and I found the music on offer less fun and less varied.”

Do you want to plan a visit or would you like to meet the cats in advance? Juffrouw Pruim, Masja, Luna and Stella are expecting you on familiesnorhaar.nl!


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