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The Belgian city of Ostend is known as “the queen of seaside resorts”, and with Hotel Andromeda it has a new jewel in its crown. This 4-star hotel is beautifully situated on the seafront just next to the Casino Kursaal. Tunify spoke with Xavier Vercaemst. Together with his partner Inge Decuypere he runs C-Hotels, the hotel chain that Andromeda belongs to for a few years now. A decade ago, they started with one hotel: Excelsior in Middelkerke. Currently C-Hotels has 4 locations and further expansion is close in sight.

“With 96 rooms, hotel Andromeda is one of the bigger hotels of the Belgian seaside. On weekdays, we focus on business seminars and at the weekend and during the holidays, the hotel is packed with tourists,” says Xavier. “The hotel interior and especially the conference facilities were a bit outdated when we took over the hotel. Since October 2014 however, we have been renovating a lot: the conference facilities, the rooms, the bar, our hotel living room, the wellness area and swimming pool, the breakfast room… All to increase the comfort of our visitors."

The seminar rooms, for example, received a major update. “We have invested quite heavily here. The meeting facilities did not meet the standards for business seminars today.” This has changed now, also by adding Tunify to the mix. “It may sound strange, but, for example, we noticed that the organisers of business conferences themselves like to choose the music during the breaks. So we have provided small boxes on the wall on which they can choose a suitable musical mood. Tunify is perfect for this, because you don’t have to think about choosing specific genres,” says Xavier.

In the other areas of the hotel there’s music playing as well. “In almost all areas, we use Tunify. In the wellness and massage area, we need an other kind of music than at the reception of course. In the breakfast room we play the music of the category Grand Café, in the lobby the music is a bit more dynamic and especially at the gym you have to have music that goes right through your heart. We use Fitness Beats for this,” explains Xavier.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Most important is that the atmosphere is right, not what song is playing. The atmosphere should exactly match the experience that we want to create in a given area.

Xavier Vercaemst, Hotel Andromeda

“Most important is that the atmosphere is right, not what song is playing. The atmosphere should exactly match the experience that we want to create in a given area,” says Xavier. Andromeda uses Tunify Green for this, with music agendas that are composed to bring the right musical mood yet with enough variation in songs and genres. Sonos devices are used in a multiroom setting. “It’s easy because you can control everything centrally,” explains Xavier. “In the past, we’ve also briefly experimented with music services for consumers, but because they work primarily with fixed playlists, you keep getting the same music over and over again. Tunify offers you much more variety in music. If you are looking for a professional solution, then these consumer services just won’t do."

C-Hotels is not only implementing innovative solutions for their music, but also their reservation system is quite advanced. “If you make a reservation online, you can now also check in online as well. This will make the actual check-in at the hotel easier, because we already have all the necessary information. We are now also looking at how we can let visitors check out via the TV in their room. We try to optimise as much as we can, in such a way that everything becomes more comfortable for our visitors,” says Xavier.

Are you looking for a nice place to organise a business meeting or a place to enjoy the peace and luxury in Ostend? Then have a look at the Hotel Andromeda website. Bonus tip: even if you're not staying at the hotel, you’re welcome at Andromeda to enjoy the delicious breakfast with sea views. Absolutely recommended!


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