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People interested in classical music might know the particular history of the house “De Pekton" in Mechelen. This former home of the grandparents of Ludwig van Beethoven was built in the first half of the 16th century. During World War I it was bombed and rebuilt afterwards. A few years later it was knocked down again to make space for the expansion of brewery Lamot. This time also the house was rebuilt, but - quite remarkably - a few meters further down the road.

It may therefore be called a small miracle that the building still exists today. Fortunately for Maaike Verbruggen, because she found in the historic building the perfect location for her new cafe. "The building has some very original features and evokes nostalgic feelings. I knew it immediately: 'I have to do this!’ "says Maaike.

"With the concept of In De Pekton we want to create a sense of home, your second living room, as it were. Actually, it's this: I'm always looking for places where I feel good and where I can be myself. We wanted to give the building and the cafe the same appearance. We want our customers to feel like they're able to sit here in their pajamas, reading a book with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate and just enjoy," explains Maaike when asked about the concept of In De Pekton.

"The big challenge is to bring about the same feeling that I felt when I saw the building for the first time." There are a number of ways to explain a new concept to your customers. For instance, the interior has changed completely. "I actually only used second hand stuff to fill the building. Seats like in grandma's home, a nice rug on the floor, a cozy fireplace where you can sit next to..."

Music also helps - literally - to set the right tone. "In the beginning we had the idea of using only a turntable with records of Piaf, Claude François etc.: warm music with a certain dose of nostalgia. But when it's busy, you do not have time to constantly change the music. Then we tried Tunify a few days for free. I knew it immediately: ‘This is it!' Thanks to Tunify, our music now plays continuously and the atmosphere that we create is never interrupted. It’s user friendly and reliable, it's a great instrument for us. So I'm very happy with Tunify,“ laughs Maaike.

"We play a lot of blues, soul and jazz. Personally, we love this kind of music, but we also get positive reactions from our customers. People are also clearly more relaxed because of the music choices that we make.” Maaike is the owner, but works only 2 days a week in the cafe. "I have other people working in the cafe who share the same vision and the same enthusiasm about the concept. They choose the music together with me. Some tend more to the dynamic blues and jazz, other like folk and multicultural music more. In Tunify, we find pleasant music for every style.”

Are you visiting Mechelen and looking for a place to take a break? Then you should definitely go to cafe In De Pekton at the Van Beethovenstraat 4.


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