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Just Brands is based in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the Netherlands, the company already owns 13 stores that sell 3 men’s brands: PME Legend, Vanguard and Cast Iron. In Belgium, 3 stores bear the name of PME Legend, the biggest brand. In all of these places, Tunify provides music that fits like a glove.

Jeroen Peerdeman is Retail Manager at Just Brands. He supports the store network and helps stores to perform as well as possible. Music is definitely part of that equation, since it adds to the shopping experience.

Jeroen: “Each of our stores is unique, but they share the same tough look. They have a raw, hangar-like feel to them. This is, of course, an extension of the look and feel of our collections. We design men’s clothing that is just as bold and authentic. For example, the trousers and jackets of PME Legend are inspired by the outfits of cargo pilots.”

Rough songs in rugged stores

“We really build long-term relationships with our clients”, Jeroen continues. “We have a very large database of loyal customers. If you don’t know us yet, please pay one of our stores a visit. Take the one in Antwerp, for example. It was our first shop in Belgium and it still draws a perfect picture of what PME Legend stands for.”

“With suppliers, we prefer long-standing collaborations just as well. Tunify has been our music partner for years. At the moment, the music we play in the stores is based on a couple of moods and eras that match our image. These settings are not meant to be modified at will by employees. That is why the music plays in the stores, but the computer stays in the office.”

“It is, however, still possible to change the music to please customers. Imagine an international visitor enters the store. If that happens, colleagues sometimes insert an Italian song for an Italian visitor. That is just another way to go the extra mile when it comes to customer experience.”

Music as a marketing tool

To Jeroen, music has a bigger role to play than just setting the mood. It is a marketing tool. Jeroen: “The best advice I can give other Tunify users, is about just that. Tunify offers all the settings and filters you can dream of, but first please ask yourself the right questions. Who are my clients? And what is my image?”

“Not all music you love yourself, will be a hit with your customers. And even when you know they like a certain genre, you do not necessarily need to go down that road. It is very well possible that a lot of PME Legend clients are into music that simply doesn’t fit our brand image. It’s easy, and advisable, to weed out such songs.”

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Own channel in the making

Just Brands wants to tweak the music in its stores even more. That is why the company is developing a pilot project with Tunify. They are creating their very own Just Brands music channel. Jeroen: “We already discussed the genres that we want to exclude from our channel. Now, we are looking into the music that will be part of the channel. And of course, we are using our brand image as our referee.”

“The goal of the channel is to give our stores a common musical ground. Of course, there will still be room for sudden ideas, like in the story of the Italian customer. We merely want to define the playing field.”

Do you want to find out more about the brands and collections of Just Brands? Visit www.pme-legend.comwww.castiron-clothing.com and www.vanguard-clothing.com.

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