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Oogst Van Eden: short chain, long dinners

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Beringen is home to a new restaurant concept. On the 7th of November 2018, Philip Reynders and Hilde Meyen opened ‘restobar’ Oogst Van Eden. They serve original dishes with local products in the amiable setting of a bar. Philip is happy to introduce the new business to the world.

Oogst Van Eden is a small-scale concept. Philip and his wife just launched the business in the house they bought about 3 years ago. 24 guests equal a full house. Unless you book the whole place in advance and go with a fixed menu. In that case, bring up to 35 friends and family members.

“It was my wife Hilde who came up with the ‘restobar’ concept”, says Philips. “That term refers to the set-up of the restaurant. In a bar, you’ll find the bartender behind the bar. Here, you’ll see the chef behind a cooker. There is no divide between restaurant and kitchen. You get to watch how I prepare the meals, cook and even do the dishes.”

“A big part of the interior comes from my grandfather’s former butcher’s shop. That contributes to the friendly atmosphere. And just like in a bar, there is always time for a chat. I face the guests while I’m at work. Social interactions are definitely part of the experience we want to offer.”

Local products

The menu does not include classics such as spaghetti bolognese or vol-au-vent, but original dishes made with local products. Right now, for example, you can enjoy trout with beetroot, paired with a good beer. Philip would say the menu is “trendy and traditional at the same time”.

Philip and Hilde are deliberately setting up short food supply chains. Ask for the beer of the surrounding coal-mining area, for example. It’s called Koolputter. Potatoes are bought from a potato farmer nearby. And you have the local cows and sheep to thank for the cheese plate.

Jazzy and bluesy

Philip has spent the past 25 years in restaurants and behind DJ booths. So no one had to tell him what to do with the music in Oogst Van Eden. Philip: “I had been using Tunify in my last business already. Before that, I have done my fair share of experimenting with multiple CD players, mixing consoles and music computers. Nowadays, I don’t want to spend a lot of time compiling playlists. That is why I started to look for something like Tunify in the first place.”

“In the restobar, we typically go for music agendas with a lot of jazz and blues. Back in the nineties, I used to organise jazz and blues concerts myself. My current music agendas actually sound similar. And I did not even have to toy around with the settings. Customers that have known me for a long time are commenting that the music in the restaurant makes them think of the old days.”

Dedicated tablet for Tunify

Philip requested a free trial for his most recent business. But he forgot to pick a subscription in time. There was no better way to appreciate Tunify’s added value, according to Philip: “For a brief period, I had to make do with the radio. Commercials and news bulletins can really ruin the mood in a restaurant. That is why I quickly decided to go with Tunify Green. It is a business offering that doesn’t even cost you more than a Spotify membership!”

“Another plus”, Philip continues, “is the app’s user friendliness. Hilde knew how to use it right away. She does not want to be wowed by complex features or settings. Press play and hear the right music, that is all that needs to happen.”

Is there a best practice Philip could share with other Tunify customers? Absolutely: “In my last business, we played Tunify on the laptop. That works fine, of course, until some accidentally closes the wrong window or shuts down the computer. All of a sudden, you are left without music for several minutes. I now bought a cheap tablet that serves only one purpose: play music with Tunify. That is something I can really recommend to everybody.”

Did reading about local beers and cheeses make your mouth water? Hurry, run off to Oogst Van Eden!


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