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Parfuma is a luxury perfumery and beauty salon in Antwerp, with a second location in the Wijnegem Shopping Center. Kathleen Verdyck has worked in the Parfuma Beauty Center for 19 years, recently introducing Tunify into her workplace and the store. ‘The music can finally make a real contribution to the total experience,’ she says enthusiastically.

Parfuma belongs in the more luxurious segment of its sector. In the store, you’ll find niche perfumes that you won’t often come across at a major chain. Perfumes like these are even sent to foreign clients via the webshop. The Beauty Center clientele also includes regulars, predominantly in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Parfuma keeps their clients returning with a diverse range of treatments: facial care, manicures, pedicures, epilation, make-up workshops, you name it. ‘Men and women are always welcome here to enjoy a little pampering,’ says Kathleen. ‘We take the time for everyone who wanders in.’

From nature sounds to Tunify

Over the past 20 years, Kathleen has seen the business grow into a versatile undertaking with about 30 employees. In all those years, the approach to music has also undergone a number of metamorphoses. ‘When I started, we still worked with CDs,’ remembers Kathleen. ‘All day, you heard new-age music and nature sounds.’

‘An iPod came along later. I continuously had to put new songs on it,’ she continues. ‘And when the Parfuma Beauty Center underwent a full renovation in 2017, a Sonos music system with internet radio made its appearance. I really didn’t find the music on the so-called relaxing stations very relaxing. Every now and then, the voice on a radio jingle completely destroyed the atmosphere. I felt so frustrated by that.’

Fortunately, there were also Tunify clients visiting Parfuma at the time. The owners of the restaurant De Bomma advised Kathleen to take a look at Tunify.

‘I tested Tunify out at home and was immediately sold on it,’ says Kathleen. ‘My enthusiasm convinced my boss too. Now we have Tunify at reception, in the treatment rooms of the Beauty Center and in the store. We can play different music in each of these places.’

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Fan of the music agendas

Parfuma chose Tunify Orange, the most complete subscription. Kathleen is particularly addicted to one of its inclusions, Tunify Green. ‘Those music agendas are great! I love making agendas that immediately offer you a whole week of music. And you have so much control. If you add an atmosphere or genre to a time block, you can even specify that you only want to hear the calmer tracks.’

‘Actually, I often combine Tunify Green with Tunify Orange,’ Kathleen acknowledges. ‘I’ve even put together a few lists of my own in Tunify Orange. I’ve now also added them to my music agendas in Tunify Green. I’ve created variation between tracks that I know really well, and completely unknown tracks from, say, “Easy Lounge”.’

Discover new music

A lot of Tunify users especially appreciate the possibilities of matching music to their clients. And that’s no different with Kathleen: ‘I have one particular client who loves classical music. When she has an appointment, I put classical on. She thinks it’s delightful and enjoys her moment of relaxation all the more for it.’

‘I particularly enjoy playing with the search functions in the app. You’re able to keep discovering new, similar-sounding tracks with them. I’ve been doing that in my free time so much that even my kids now know Tunify.’ (Laughs)

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Odoo CMS - a big picture

Tunify Green - Beauty Salon

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