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Snap Fitness is an American chain that is now also conquering Europe. At the beginning of 2019, the company already has 13 fitness centres in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the long run, that number should grow to 50. At Snap Fitness, you get individual coaching and Tunify’s motivating music. 

Snap Fitness Meerhout chooses Tunify, just like the colleagues in Tessenderlo and Herselt. Fitness coach Dimi Vandenwyngaerden from Snap Fitness Meerhout outlines the ambitions: “In the US and Australia, Snap Fitness already owns over 2000 gyms. Our European growth trajectory is based on 2 majors assets: we are open around the clock and we create personal workout plans for everybody who is interested in one.”

Yes, you are welcome for a workout at Snap Fitness literally day and night. Your badge opens the door at any time, which means you could start lifting weights at 5 in the morning. It also means that Tunify is playing day and night. The music is always adapted to the time of day and the people in the gym.

Personal workout plan 

If you are dropping by at 11 PM, your personal trainer will of course already have gone home. That is why each customer receives a special key, loaded with their personal workout plan. You can read that key on almost all fitness equipment. This way, you know which exercises to do and all training data is stored on the key right away.

Dimi: “This intelligent system draws me a complete picture of the performance and progress of the people I coach. I systematically adjust their workout plans based on this data. Step by step, this approach brings our customers closer to their goals.”

Personalised music as well 

Tunify fits right in with Snap Fitness Meerhout's focus on personalisation. Music is vital to motivate athletes to push their limits. “Last summer, during the World Cup Football, I switched on the TV for an important game”, says Dimi. “You would think that doing sports and watching sports go hand in hand, but our customers immediately came to ask where the music had gone.”

Snap Fitness Meerhout recently exchanged its previous music partner for Tunify. Tunify’s music agenda’s made the difference, together with the possibility to load Spotify playlists. The fitness area in Meerhout is now playing an agenda that combines Tunify’s mood channels with Spotify’s playlists. “It’s the best of both worlds”, Dimi says. “We can play existing playlists while bringing in new songs through the channels. That is good news for people who hit the gym as often as 5 times a week.” 

“Our current agenda was created to match with our customers at any time of day”, Dimi continues. “On Tuesday mornings, we have a lot of older people coming in. For them, we play music with a beat from the 70s and the 80s. On Friday nights, we see a lot of young people doing strength training. Our music then shifts to house and techno. The fun thing is, clients really come and tell us when they like the music here.”

Snap Meerhout’s timeless classics 

We talk to Dimi right before Christmas. Until then, the gym’s music agenda played non-stop. But every winter, Snap Fitness Meerhout creates its own list of timeless classics. All customers can write down their 3 favourite songs. The result is a hit list that is played from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. “Thanks for mentioning this”, responds Dimi. “I should start creating that playlist right away.”

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