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Dancing on ice? Feel free to do so on Sport Vlaanderen Liedekerke’s Olympic ice skating rink. Sport Vlaanderen is in charge of all sorts of activities on the ice, while Tunify is supplying hit songs to all visitors. Sports Technical Coordinator Sophie Van Overschelde explains how she warms up the crowds with music.

Sport Vlaanderen got a clear mission from the Flemish administration: get as many people as possible to do sports. And that is exactly what is going on at the ice skating rink of Sport Vlaanderen Liedekerke. It is the home of X-treme on Ice and several figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey clubs. On top of that, Sport Vlaanderen is hosting public skating sessions and sports days for schools.

“Music simply is part of the experience”, Sophie explains. “But our audience is very diverse, both in terms of age and region. That’s why we used to buy new CD’s regularly. Today, we have all songs at our fingertips thanks to Tunify.”

Kids request, Tunify does the rest

“We have been using Tunify for about a year now”, Sophie continues. “When I first used the player, I created a playlist for toddlers right away. We always start them off with a short dance next to the rink. Next, on the ice, we play kids’ songs. Tunify Orange allowed me to put together the perfect playlist for them.”

“Teenagers love the preconfigured hit lists the most. Which one? That depends on where they are from. School kids in Brussels, for example, are often big fans of rap music. So we get all kinds of rap requests. In Tunify, we simply type in the name of a song, press play and everybody is happy.”

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Impressive catalogue

“Our CD collection was, of course, no match for the Tunify catalogue. Such an impressive database of songs was exactly what we were looking for. A couple of colleagues are avid Spotify users. We now found a similar product for the professional market.”

"Sport Vlaanderen gave us permission to use Tunify in our 3 ice rinks right away. Besides Sport Vlaanderen Liedekerke, you are also very welcome in Sport Vlaanderen Hasselt and Sport Vlaanderen Herentals. A popular time to visit us is Friday evening. That’s when we organise public sessions of disco skating.”

"At such times, we tend to stick to the ready-made hit lists once again. Those ones are playing most often by far. The only thing we have to do, is to select a combination of pop and disco and we’re set for the whole night.”

Good neighbours

Does a hot chocolate sound more enticing to you than spending time on the ice? Bar/restaurant Goe Gevallen has got you covered! The bar also offers a panoramic view on the rink.

Sophie: “The cafeteria is run by different people, but they happen to be Tunify customers just as well. Which is a lucky coincidence. When we’re open at the same time, we have agreed to play the same music. That way, the experience of our visitors remains consistent.”

Fancy a visit to the skating rink by now? Take a look at all the details on the website of Sport Vlaanderen (in Dutch).

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