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Antwerp has an attractive new co-working space: Stokers. And this is only the beginning. In the coming months, Stokers will be establishing itself as a trendy event location and high-quality restaurant. It’s time you get to know the newcomer to the Green Quarter. 

Stokers is a project headed by advertising phenomenon André Duval. He transformed the former boiler room of the military hospital in Berchem into a hip, business-oriented meeting place. Duval also called on Tom d’Hooghe, owner of the Pazzo restaurant and wine bar, to get the ball rolling for Stokers.

Tom explains how Stokers combines its 3 core activities: ‘You could actually compare us to a five-star hotel, but one without the rooms. You work, network and eat here in complete comfort, all within an impressive architectural framework.’

Coworking for scale-ups 

Stokers is not the typical co-working place that designers, copywriters and architects flock to. They are welcome of course, but Stokers also offers full office spaces for scale-ups—companies that have their start-up phase behind them and are now looking to grow. The focus is on digital and innovative companies.

‘Organisations of this sort find separate offices and meeting rooms at Stokers,’ explains Tom. ‘On top of that, they’re able to organise their own events here. In the past few weeks, we have hosted everything from a book presentation to an international innovation day with drinks and finger food for 80 people.’

Renowned chef on the way 

The Stokers restaurant will also be opening its doors soon. It will be run by a renowned chef whose reputation alone is sure to lure the curious. Keep an eye on where the name of the mystery chef will be revealed.

‘We are deliberately setting the bar very high for the restaurant,’ says Tom. ‘We are in a residential area, meaning that we can’t count on many casual passers-by. Instead, we need to quickly make a name for ourselves in Antwerp. The restaurant will then act as a drawcard through which people will also discover the co-working space and the event location.’

Tunify to create the perfect musical menu 

As Tunify has already been a success in his restaurant, Pazzo, Tom has decided to use it at Stokers too. ‘Earlier, at Pazzo, I was able to compare Tunify to a different player,’ he explains. ‘I had no doubts about choosing Tunify for Stokers.’

There is no music in the co-working space. Instead, everyone decides for themselves whether they work best in silence or listening to music on headphones. Tunify does play through the day in the horeca areas and can be played in the event locations. Finally, Tunify will add a soundtrack to the restaurant.

Music is not set yet 

Tom is a highly active Tunify user at Pazzo. ‘I make my own playlists there and we sometimes DJ late in the evening. One of the coolest functions is the music-note icon with which you discover similar tracks in the player. And I think it’s also nice to ask clients which songs they would like to hear. They often respond with “Ah, you won’t have it!” But thanks to Tunify, we almost always surprise them.’

‘At Stokers right now, we swear by the ‘Barista Bar’ music in the green Tunify player. It’s perfect now the horeca section is only open during the day. As soon as we have the restaurant up and running, we want to find out what music is best suited to the new atmosphere.’

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