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The Wadden Island Ameland is well known by nature lovers far beyond the Netherlands. The “Green Beach” was formed around 1995 and its shape has been continually changing ever since: the tides and currents move sand and change the beach over the years. The island is a haven for birds and unique plant species define the impressive decor. If you’re lucky, you may even spot seals here.

Barry Harsema and Sierou Wibier haven’t doubted for one moment when they got the chance to take over Strandpaviljoen Ballum back in 2015. The biggest challenge for Barry and Sierou was to get things running within three weeks after the takeover. But they managed to continue the familiar quality and at the same time surprise with new things. This beach pavilion in Ballum is still a place where a unique experience, service and quality are key. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, the delicious home made apple cake or have lunch or dinner.

Well located at the Ballum beach, this modern pavilion is also very well suited for celebrations, parties, receptions, barbecues, weddings and other festive activities. The beautiful natural setting offers many opportunities and Barry and Sierou sure make a good use of this. For example, they regularly organize an original beach lunch, where guests have the unique opportunity to have lunch in the middle of the “Green Beach” of Ameland.

Before the takeover, the previous owner already used Tunify. Barry and Sierou went on using Tunify after the acquisition. “For all colleagues it is super easy to use. Usually Tunify Blue is playing, where we can select the music channels. We also switch to Tunify Green sometimes, so the music changes automatically after a while.”

The people on the island Ameland live to the rhythm of the seasons, as we also notice when we ask what music styles are used in Strandpaviljoen Ballum. Unlike most of the pavilions along the coast of the Netherlands, the beach bars on Ameland can stay open all year. “We look at our audience and guests and they generally like quiet music. But we also adjust the music to the time of the day and to the seasons. In spring and autumn, people tend to sit inside and then we most often use music channels like Jazz, Soul, Dinner Classics and Black Coffee. In the summer, we play Pop and Trendy Lunch as well.”

Does a vacation on Ameland sound interesting to you? Then you should definitely consider visiting Strandpaviljoen Ballum. All info on

Odoo CMS - a big picture


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