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Saïd Ajouaau, owner of menswear store Strellson Haarlem, has already 28 years of experience in the fashion business. 5 years ago he started his own clothing store. Back in 2015 - as it goes with the best opportunities: not planned at all - he got the opportunity to open the first store for Strellson in the Benelux. And he didn’t hesitate for one single moment.

The Strellson brand was created more than 30 years ago, but until recently it was relatively unknown in the Benelux region. It is however Switzerland’s largest menswear brand. Strellson was founded by the former Hugo Boss owners Jochen and Uwe Holy. Today, Strellson focusses on men aged between 25 and 40 years old with a collection of affordable and high quality business and casual fashion. After opening new stores in Munich, Shanghai, Minsk, Hong Kong, Gdansk and Mexico City, it was high time to conquer the Netherlands with the opening of Strellson Haarlem in 2015.

Saïd explains at bit more the idea behind the Strellson collection. “Strellson is a mixture of various styles. As you see, it can be very smart, but tough at the same time. In the past, Strellson offered separate premium and sports wear clothing lines. Now these clothing lines are turned into one with a focus right in the middle of both lines. This means the Strellson profile is not strictly business or tough, it’s the real smart casual."

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The biggest challenge at the start of Strellson Haarlem was the brand awareness in the Netherlands. “Strellson is big in Germany, Canada, Eastern-Europe and other parts of the world. But as a Swiss label, it was not very well known in the Netherlands. But the collection is so convincing, that already very soon we noticed this actually wasn’t an issue at all.” Both young and old found their way to the store of Strellson in Haarlem. Of course, we have to take this into account in the choice of music, said Saïd. “Whichever way you look at it, we will always catch the attention of a wide audience. So we have to focus really well to get a right atmosphere in our shop. We came up with jazzy soul music, although it’s particularly important that the music is not too loud or popular, or too young."

“At the moment, we’re listening to the music channel ‘Chique Men’ in ‘Fashion Store’ in Tunify Blue. This music channel has the right ratio in terms of music styles, in my opinion. But even if I choose ‘Boutique’, the music is also right for us. Yes, we are well pleased with the music of Tunify,” laughs Saïd. He regularly varies the music for Strellson Haarlem. “When you’re almost 24/7 in the shop, you feel the need to hear something different now and then. Basically all music channels in 'Fashion Store’ are a safe bet if you’re looking for something else."

Tunify also proves to be time-saving for Saïd. “I’ve used Spotify, but there you have to look for the right music styles and build the playlists yourself. That in itself is quite nice, only I’d rather put my time into other things. The music selection is already done for you by Tunify. With one touch of a button, you hear the right style of music for your business."

Are you still looking for a fresh new outfit for the holidays? Then check out the new collection of Strellson in Haarlem. You’re guaranteed to find something you like!


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