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Waffle Factory: a powerful tale of Belgian entrepreneurship

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Waffle Factory, which sprouted from the Belgian family company Belgaufre, has grown into an international chain with 50 sales points. The (literal) recipe for success? Hearty, filling waffles. Franchisee Olivier Robinet runs the store in Liège. Tunify plays from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

The Liège waffle is famous around the world. And since 1987, Belgaufre has been a producer of the dough for this delicious sugar waffle. At the end of the 1990s, the Desobry family wanted to experiment. For 2 years, they tinkered with a new, dry dough with a low fat content. It became the foundation for their hearty waffles.

Today, you visit the Waffle Factory not so much for a sweet snack as for a full meal. Especially around lunchtime, when the business is running at full steam, all thanks to waffles that are quick and easy, whether you eat them on site or take them away. 9 recipes are available. Whether you like fish, chicken or goat cheese, there will always be a lunch waffle according to your taste.

First business of their own

Most Waffle Factory restaurants are found in France. But they have also spread as far as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Belgium is home to five, after Olivier Robinet became the proud owner of a Waffle Factory in Liège a few months ago. He believes deeply in the innovative product and in the chain’s growth story.

Olivier: ‘I used to work for companies like Quick and Lunch Garden, but now, for the first time, I’ve taken the big step of being in charge of the business myself. My first challenge, is of course, making the business succeed. The people in Liège still need to adjust to this new concept. But at the same time, I dream of setting up a second restaurant. In Liège, I now have help from 4 part-time employees and 2 job students. The concept is so well put together that it’s easy to manage.’

Setting the atmosphere, from music to lighting

For the opening in October 2018, Oliver searched for a suitable music player. When he came across Tunify, all his expectations were met, and he immediately decided to subscribe. ‘I really didn’t want to rely on the radio,’ he says. ‘You inevitably have to hear advertisements. I prefer to control the atmosphere completely. From the music to the lighting.’

It’s easy to guess which Tunify formula a controlling kind of person like Olivier would prefer. Or not, Olivier? ‘Actually, I went with Tunify Blue at the start. It allows you to put in several musical preferences. I wanted, for example, a pop-oriented range, with everything from Coldplay to Queen. And you can also set which years the tracks come from. But I also wanted to make my own playlists, so I switched to Tunify Orange.’

Complementary and flexible formulas

Asked about the biggest benefit of Tunify, Olivier immediately stresses the flexibility: ‘The 3 formulas, Orange, Blue and Green, represent a very full range in my opinion. Everyone who owns or runs a business will have their tastes met. The formula you choose depends on the amount of time you want to put into the music.’

‘Plus, I see Tunify as a scalable solution,’ muses Oliver. ‘If I open a second Waffle Factory in the future? I would like to work with the same playlists. That way, even from a distance, I’ll have a say about the atmosphere in the business.’ Tunify is already eager to grow with him!

Are you wondering how such a hearty waffle tastes? Make sure you drop by Waffle Factory on your next visit to Liège. Or in a different town, of course. See all the Waffle Factory locations.

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