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“Enjoy getting old together”: that’s what it is all about at Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve. Forget everything you already know about homes and service flats and try to imagine where you would like to spend your days when you get old. Chances are that your imagination comes very close to what de Leyhoeve has to offer. No wonder the people of Tilburg call it “the castle”...

Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve is located next to the stream De Leij in Tilburg. The back garden opens onto the prettiest park of the city. It’s a place to grow old together in a lovely apartment, equipped with every convenience. The idea for de Leyhoeve comes from project developer Hendrik Roozen. When he saw his parents being separated because of health problems, he made the commitment to create a pleasant environment in which elderly people could grow old together. And so de Leyhoeve has become a place where today’s 55+ olds can live in homes fitted with all of today’s comfort. The service is similar to that of a luxury hotel, but if needed, the best health care is always within reach.

“The plans are completely flexible and all necessary facilities are available,” says Jurriaan Polak, from September 1 the restaurant manager at Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve. He is responsible for all the on-site catering activities: a fine dining restaurant, a pizzeria, an intimate brasserie and a typical dark and cosy Dutch pub. “Hospitality plays an important role in our comfort. The inhabitants are the focus in everything that we do. That’s why the residents can indicate their preferences in everything."

La Vie en Rose

Dutch Pub

Brasserie De Leyhoeve

The catering facilities offer something for everyone and are a key part of de Leyhoeve. “For example, our residents can take their children to the pizzeria. It’s really fun to go to grandma and grandpa when you can prepare and eat your own pizzas together. This makes it completely different from visiting grandparents in the boring retirement home.”

With the music of Tunify, Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve brings the right atmosphere to the catering outlets. “We quickly discovered that music is very useful to liven the place up a bit. For instance, when Tunify isn’t yet turned on in the morning and there’s no music, people don’t even enter the bar,” says Jurriaan. The residents find their way to our own catering businesses for all kind of gatherings and celebrations: 60 years married, a 90th anniversary, you name it. But the facilities of de Leyhoeve are also frequently visited by people not living in the building. Our intention is to have 20% of the guests coming from the property and 80% from outside,” tells Jurriaan.

"The music must always be right, because it ads so much to the atmosphere.” Of course de Leyhoeve is not playing the same music in every place. “In February, for example, we celebrated carnival. We can play this kind of music in the traditional pub, but not in the rest of the building."

The concept of de Leyhoeve is catching on and there is no lack of ambition. Within the next 5 to 10 years, 10 similar residential projects are planned. In Groningen, the first ground works for a new project have already started. Different countries have also shown interest in the concept.

If you want to learn more about Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve, then definitely have a look at their website. There you can also read the inspiring story of Toon and Heleen, that started it all.


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