It rarely happens that the success of a new business is so easy to predict as in this particular story. So it wasn’t a surprise at all when the Würst restaurant proved to be a hit already from day one. Tunify spoke with Werner Van Belle, Chief Executive Officer at Würst, about the success of Würst and how music plays a role in it.

Let's go back to 2010. In the third season of his 'Plat Préféré' TV program, Jeroen Meus prepared the favorite food of Marlon Brando: a typical American hot dog. Since then, he played with the idea to create a more refined version of the famous snack. Full of ambition, he asked the advice of Philippe Rondou, the best butcher in town. Together they created the perfect 'Wurst' for Würst. The artisan bio bakery De Trog helped Jeroen Meus to develop the perfect buns for the hot dog recipes. Five years after 'Plat Préféré' and after thorough preparation the first Würst restaurant finally opens in Leuven. The restaurant is an instant success and is soon followed by many events with the 'Würst Wagon' food truck, a pop-up restaurant in Hasselt and the opening of a second Würst restaurant in Ghent in 2016.

The concept behind Wurst seems rather straightforward at first sight, but with a high attention for detail, says Werner Van Belle. “It isn’t fast food, but it is in fact quality food - albeit fast - brought in an innovative way and above all with high quality. Our artisan sausages, organic bread, fresh produce, but also the enthusiasm of our young employees at Würst make visiting Würst a unique experience. And everything from A to Z is prepared à la minute in front of the customer."

You can safely say creator and inspirer Jeroen Meus is a music fanatic. It will therefore not surprise that music is seen as an important element in the Würst experience. “If you watch his tv-show Dagelijkse Kost, you will probably have an idea of the musical taste of Jeroen Meus. For Würst we were specifically looking for a particular sound. We searched music with the same characteristics as the products that we use: honest, high quality, genuine and authentic.”

The music Tunify suggested is a combination of funky and groovy jazz, blues and soul music. By personalizing these music channels in Tunify Blue, we get all the songs with a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. We mainly choose the music from the earlier years. This music is also a reference to the American culture that the hot dog is often associated with.

If you have already visited Würst in Ghent, you will have discovered another nice detail, says Werner. "Because of the tiles and the red curtains, the toilet looks like the Red Room of the American cult series Twin Peaks. We thought it to be funny to play the atmospheric soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti in this space. We work with Sonos, so playing Tunify in different zones is really easy this way."

Do you fancy a haute dog after reading this blog? Be sure to drop in drop in at Würst in Leuven or Ghent, or - while you still can - at the pop-up in Hasselt. 

All information and the menu can be found on the website of Würst.

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