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Commercial music is cool, we know. Paying public performance rights is not, we know too. So what if you could just decide to stop paying public performance rights and still be able to listen to cool music? That could save you thousands of euros each year, depending on how big your business is.

With the Direct Licensed Music from Tunify, you don't have to pay public performance rights when you play music in a public environment. All music rights are covered by the subscription fee, easy as that. *

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Why limit yourself to one music channel? Get to choose from multiple music formats and have the flexibility to match the music with your brand.

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Bright Pop

If you're looking for a contemporary sound, this is a channel you need to hear. Youthful and fresh, energetic and bright: it's the sound of the charts.

Chill Jazz

This jazz channel provides you with loads of class and an elegant mood. High quality live recorded jazz sessions, played by the best musicians out there: all for grabs in this sophisticated channel.


The sound of a new generation! Here you'll find a mix of EDM, house, electro, dubstep... A rich and vibrant selection of the most modern musical expression.

And there's so much more to discover: Bright Beats, Deep House, Chill Pop, Piano Bar, Sweet Lounge, Bossa Nova, Summer Mood, Lounge Beats, Pure Piano, Cosy Pop, Pure House, Easy Lounge... You'll easily find the right music for your business in categories like Chill Out Zone, Café & Nightlife, Club & Lounge, Fashion & Style, Hotel & Business, Shop & City, Wellness Center...


Brought to you by the Tunify app, made in Belgium

The Swedish company Epidemic Sound has years of experience in producing music and has created a catalog of very high quality music. What differentiates them from commercial music companies is that they are unaffiliated from any and all collecting societies.

Tunify is the streaming music service for professional users. You’ve surely heard our music already in a super cosy coffee bar or in an original concept store. And we might have made you sweat a little harder during a workout or brought you into a complete zen state of mind at the wellness centre.


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  • Stop paying collection society fees *

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  • Equals € 17,49 per month
  • Start playing right away
  • Stop paying collection society fees *

24 months


ex VAT, prepaid subscription
  • Equals € 14,49 per month
  • Start playing right away
  • Stop paying collection society fees *


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* Please note that in certain jurisdictions (such as, for example, in Belgium, France, Spain and Hungary) public performance and/or neighboring rights are mandatorily handled by collecting societies/performance rights organisations (PROs) under local law and other applicable regulations. In such instances the customer is responsible for any fees and for making such payments to the collecting societies/PROs.