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Music: New Music Friday

Dry January is almost over! Celebrate it with these promising releases … #NMF

Time flies when you are having fun, they say. And so did the first month of 2020, except for those joining the…


Time flies when you are having fun, they say. And so did the first month of 2020, except for those joining the #dryjanuary challenge and music lovers in general. Don’t worry though, February promises to be a great month full of new releases from living legends and fresh talent.

But first, let’s have a look at the last musical offerings of January.

Kesha (formerly known as Ke$ha) released her debut album exactly a decade ago. Back then, the press and public were overwhelmed with her signature song “Tik Tok”. After that, Kesha went on and became a worldwide superstar, but her success was short-lived. The subjects of her collection of new songs are redemption, self-empowering, resentment, and resistance. Kesha has high hopes for reviving her career to the heights of ten years ago. The fact that her comeback album was postponed a few times might indicate lower expectations from the music industry. Will her new work put that dollar sign back on its place and/or win Grammy’s this time next year? Time will tell, but you can already get an indication by listening to her soulsearching via your Tunify Player.

The aforementioned story can easily apply to the life and career of Meghan Trainor. You may know her from the irresistibly catchy “All About That Bass” and the Charlie Puth “Marvin Gaye”-collaboration. To polish up her latest album she hired top-producer Sigala and did something with those Pussycat Dolls. By the way, you can expect great news from the latter next week! Meanwhile, take your time to uncover Meghan’s thoughts and feelings in her new songs.

There’s one megastar in recent music history whose delay in releasing her debut album worked out in her advantage very well. Dua Lipa already released seven singles before getting her album out. Her record company wisely hold back the release because of a last-minute addition, entitled “New Rules”, and the rest is history. It became the most played song in your Tunify Player back in 2017. Her latest smash hit “Don’t Start Now” is the most beloved song of the moment and from today on you can enjoy its successor “Physical”.

Not a fan of Dua? Maybe music from the rough-looking Drive-By Truckers or puppy-faced Louis Tomlinson and Justin Bieber is more up your alley. This weekend you’ll be able to discover new efforts from Blossoms, Thomas Dybdahl, Lordi, Gorillaz, Taylor Swift, Russ, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Damso, Soho, Noémie Wolfs, Marc Almond, Squarepusher, Ben Watt, David Walters and Poliça among others.

So, it seemed like January had a few surprises up its sleeve after all.

We’re all set for enjoying the first weekend of February with fresh new music in your Tunify player!

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