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Music: New Music Friday

For those who like to push boundaries during the weekend… #NMF

Thrillseekers and people who like shiny new things will be spoilt for choice this weekend. Well, in the music department anyway. It seems many artists are in a hurry to ‘drop’ new songs in your Tunify Player before the year ends.

Tunify-George Michael

The ever so productive Angèle became Belgium's proudest and bestselling artist abroad very quickly. Only one year ago the Beauty from Brussels released her debut album, today she adds with ease seven brand new songs to the list.

Planning on improving your West Flemish communication skills? Take a listen to the latest album from Het Zesde Metaal. It’s all shiny, it’s all-new, and with one ear and two eyes closed it sounds like English. A bit.

Still looking for excitement and surprises? How about the funky and soulful jazz from British collective Incognito? Or electrifying Electronica with a sharp edge from critics’ darlings FKA Twigs and Kele? There are no limits to their creativity.

No concerns about Brexit for musicians, since we receive well-crafted soul and rock-related pop songs from Dublin and Manchester. The Script and Simply Red respectively deliver a thrilling new album today. Music knows no boundaries nor customs control.

Talking about pushing boundaries… great new work from shiny happy artists can be found in your Tunify Player today: Goose, Ozzy Osbourne, Absynthe Minded, Blackwave., Clouseau, Luke Combs, , Zayn, Bring Me The Horizon, Johannes Oerding, Fernando Express, Max Herre, Katerine, Coldplay, The Mavericks, Kane Brown, Broederliefde, Krezip, Kalash, Kraantje Pappie, Editors, Marc Lavoine and, from the edge of heaven, George Michael.

Take this advice from an old and wise man: “Keep on Rockin’ in A Free World With Your Tunify Player!”. There’s no limit to our love for good, new music.


Image: George Michael - Slavko Sereda / Shutterstock.com

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