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Music: New Music Friday

Glam rock, Dutch duets and much more #nmf

This weekend, the thirst for knowledge, incentives and new music will not be quenched by students and academics alone.

Steel Panther

“Heavy Metal Rules” is, besides a truism, the title of the latest Steel Panther album. This American glam metal band is notorious for their explicit lyrics, pastiches and nods to the eighties*. Abovementioned trademarks should be an incentive for everybody who enjoys a double entendre every now and then. So, close those curtains,  turn your Tunify up, and play that air guitar like no one is watching. ‘Love thy neighbour’ the Bible says, and your neighbours will love this music too. Scientific fact!

Still in search of peculiar things? Get your freak on with Dutch duo Suzan & Freek. For a while, they were chasing fame on social media by playing covers of international superhits.  Luck came knocking on their door when they switched to singing in their native language. “Als Het Avond Is” and “Blauwe Maandag” became big hits in The Netherlands as well as in Flanders, much to their own surprise. An album full of lovely Dutch love duets is released today.

Another constant twosome releasing new work goes by the name Tegan & Sara. These Grammy-nominated Canadian lesbian twin sisters show their ninth album full of catchy indie-pop to the world today. Again, there should be enough medical and musical terms to pique one’s curiosity in the previous sentence.

People with a healthy interest in good music should get slightly aroused by the knowledge that Temples, Beth Hart, The New Shining, Of Mice & Men, Melissa Horn, Wincent Weiss, Tim Bendzko, Typh Barrow, Trentemoller, Ibrahim Maalouf, Christina Aguilera and Sido will all be releasing new songs today.

This weekend, curiosity will NOT kill the cat! Dare to question your world and discover uncharted territories in your Tunify player!

*Fun fact: this fall it is fashionable again to accessorize with those fab scrunchies. So basically, thanks to Tunify Tips your hair will look great all season long. You’re welcome!



Image: Steel Phanter - agwilson / Shutterstock.com