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Music: New Music Friday

The soundtrack for a good daydream #NMF

For those who love a good daydream now and then we have some excellent news. Amongst our new Tunify releases we have found the perfect soundtrack to your favourite activity.

Elbow Tunify #NMF

On Sunday the astronomer in you can witness the last full moon before Halloween. The music lover in you can witness the lance of a new album by Belgian band newmoon.

Their music is what connoisseurs like to call ‘shoegaze’. The term refers to the stage presence of the guitarists who stand still while performing. Due to the intense use of effects pedals they come across as not interested and/or stoned. In their defence, they produce a heavenly, dreamy sound… an out-of-this-world experience, a bit like gazing at the full moon, come to think of it.

Mancunian band Elbow sometimes comes across as being dreamy dandies, sometimes as rough rockstars. This Friday, they release their eighth album, appropriately titled “Giants of All Sizes”.  You may already know the singles “Dexter & Sinister” and “Empires”, so expect a variety of sounds, volume, measures and weights. From window gazing to a living room-sized moshpit, all is possible with the new Elbow tracks in your Tunify player.

American folk-rockers Big Thief already received stellar reviews for their latest album “Two Hands”.  The ‘more demanding’ music lover with that philosophical look in their eyes will have a hard time keeping their feet from moving to the vibrations of this band.

While playing the new record of their fellow Americans Allah-las it is scientifically impossible to stand still. A free trip to the (full) moon and back for those who manage to remain impassive to the sound- and surfboard of these surf rockers.

Other artists challenging your feet with good vibrations this weekend are Lil’Kim, FKA Twigs, Richard Dawson, R Plus & Dido, Izia, Vald, Sam Hunt, Meduza, Frenna, LOTTE, The Ferry Men, Tom Tukker, Cigarettes After Sex and Gesaffelstein.

Standing still, gazing at the moon and/or your shoes, vibrating or rushing into a mosh pit, all is approved by Tunify this weekend!


Image: Elbow - Ben Houdijk / Shutterstock.com

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