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What you need to know about music rights

Number 1

Private or business use?

There are many different music services, but they are not all intended to be used the same way.

Music services for consumers

These are streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music and Google Play Music. They are only intended for you to listen to music in private. Use of these services by a business may lead to a fine.

Music services for business

These are services like Tunify. They have an agreement with the music industry, allowing you to use the music services in public and commercial spaces.

Number 2

Commercial or royalty-free?

Music services for businesses offer commercial and/or royalty-free music.

Commercial music

These are the best-known songs and artists; the ones you also hear on the radio. If you want to try the version of Tunify with commercial music, you can register here.

Royalty-free music

These are songs and artists you may not know yet. The music has often been made specifically for use by businesses. As a result, it’s appropriate for a huge variety of situations. Register here if you want to try Tunify with royalty-free music.

Number 3

Do I need to pay for royalty-free music?

The type of music you’re playing as a business determines which music rights you have to pay.

Commercial music in your business

Do you play commercial music? Then you’ll need licences with Sabam and you’ll have to pay fair compensation. As the business manager, you always request these licences yourself, whether you are using CDs, the radio or a Tunify subscription.

Royalty-free music in your business

Do you play royalty-free music? Then the compensation for the authors is included in the price of your music service. This means you don’t even need a licence with Sabam. The fair compensation is enough.

Number 4

Does Tunify pay music rights too?

As a recognised provider of music for business use, Tunify pays music rights too.

Yes, Tunify pays music rights too

Musicians, authors, record companies, etc. all have the right to payment if you use music from Tunify in your place of business. Tunify pays to store all the songs and for the right to be able to offer a business-oriented music service.

100% legal music service

Most music services are only meant for consumers. You are not allowed to play them in any public or commercial spaces. Tunify is different. We have the necessary music-industry permissions for you to play our music in your place of business.

  • You play fair with a recognised music service.
  • Artists receive the royalties due to them.

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