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Tunify ♥ Sonos

The best music for your business via your favourite wireless speakers!

Vers Zuid

Tunify customer since 2017

Why choose Sonos?

Do you already use Sonos at home? Sonos offers the same benefits for your workplace.

Great sound

You’ll have clear and rich sound throughout your business, ready to be enjoyed at any volume.

Easy to use

Sonos makes it easy to play music, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

The advantages of Tunify

Your music

All your own Tunify playlists, music agendas and settings are available via Sonos.

Varied and up to date

Mainstream or alternative, commercial and royalty-free: you find it all on Tunify.

Flexible formulas

Tunify subscriptions are not silently extended without you realising; you expressly approve their continuation.

Do you want to try Tunify on your Sonos system?

You get 7 days free access to Tunify Orange. With no obligation to purchase, we don’t even ask for your credit card details.

Try Tunify for free for 7 days

100% legal music service

Most music services are only meant for consumers. You are not allowed to play them in any public or commercial spaces. Tunify is different. We have the necessary music-industry permissions for you to play our music in your place of business.

  • You play fair with a recognised music service.
  • Artists receive the royalties due to them.
Read more about music rights